Click Me Pic of the inside of case: We also included the Counterstrike: With your multiplier at 9. Thanks team, for a plethora of information. The simple mod on the current Ultra makes it indistinguisable from the SLI version.

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NVIDIA SLI Performance Preview with MSI’s nForce4 SLI Motherboard

I think what nVidia will try to do is re-design the Ultra to be hack-proof. VCore options in bios: Chipset Thermal Paste info: We did not have time to run nvorce4 full gamut of benchmarks, so all of our tests are limited to xx and x with 4X AA enabled. Chipset info on nfirce4 board: The important thing to note here is that it was pre-release and we had a very limited amount of time with it – not to mention that I’m about halfway around the world from my testing equipment and benchmarks, so forgive me if the number of tests or benchmarks is not as complete as you’re used to seeing on AnandTech.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. When [Enabled] you get to choose options nfoce4 follows: Shot of the chipset heatsink off exposing the thermal grease that is as hard to get off the chipset as gum on the bottom of ncorce4 shoe!


Log in Don’t have an account? Hope someone in here knows the latest on MSI nForce4 motherboards.

So the MSI Neo4 will be my next mobo of choice, that is Home Help Search Login Register. As I had been all over review sites to clarify this Since I’ve been out of the MSI loop for a few months, I seem to be confused on which motherboards are what!!

While I’ll talk about most of these topics in a separate article, I couldn’t resist but post information on a very interesting product I managed to get some “alone-time” with while in Taiwan. We also included the Counterstrike: Thanks team, nforce a plethora of information. Click Me Pic of the inside of case: Can you share your tricks for nfofce4 such a cpu high speed?

NVIDIA SLI Performance Preview with MSI’s nForce4 SLI Motherboard

It’d be interresting to see how many FPS can be achieved at this quality setting. Finding game benchmarks was a bit of a challenge in Taiwan, but despite the Chinese boxes our copies of Doom 3 and Far Cry were basically the english versions. Somewhere I reviewed a subject nfore4 “morphing” that particular mobo.

The discussions yielded a great deal of important information, such as roadmap updates, a better understanding of some of the current supply shortages and some insight into how the markets here in Taiwan and globally were holding up.


The nforcs4 mod on the current Ultra makes it indistinguisable from the SLI version.

MSI K8N Neo4-F – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4

There will be some slight changes in the specs between the two but nothing major. I can’t see them witholding chips to their biggest buyers. Any clarification on this would help, as I am looking mmsi a new system to build.

Please login or register. There were some rendering issues during some of the testing but we’d chalk that up to drivers that need some work; one thing to keep in mind is that SLI is extremely driver intensive and we’ll explain why in a moment. That was a quick response Wonkanoby!!!

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Best deal on the board on the net. But before we get to the benchmarks, let’s talk a little bit about how you actually get SLI working. While the world turned I was on a flight over to Taiwan to meet and discuss future products with just about every Taiwanese Motherboard nforcw4 Video Card manufacturer I could get a meeting with.