Neil Comment by theONbutton Oct 26, Do not buy these for gym use. I currently get about 2 hours normal playback then the beeps start. If anyone can find out how to disable the beeps that would be great! It is a shame that they make it impractical for the user to run them until the battery dies.

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This resulted in choppy music playback. You are commenting using your WordPress. Email Address never made public. Waiting for a call, no need to disconnect Stay away from Motorola HD S10a pair of ear-buds from the dollar store sounds same or better.

Motorola S10-HD

Really looking forward to it. Comment by theONbutton Jul 3, Reply. Comment by theONbutton Dec 27, Reply. Comment by Jed Dec 29, Reply.

These headsets should really all be able to output a negligible volume level if requested. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Motorola SHD stereo Bluetooth headphones review « TheONbutton Durham Computer Services

The other issue is that sometimes it will skip to the next song without me touching anything. The winds of change look to be blowing in the right direction though. You may also use these to provide better hygiene I bought these brand new about 2 years ago. Thanks for a great article! Comment by sammi Dec 27, Just got these yesterday.

I can answer motorrola. Comment by theONbutton Jan 5, Reply. Some devices surrender control of volume to the Bluetooth headset, and both the iPad and Bold behaved this way with the SHD. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And simply stream music and calls via Bluetooth.

In both cases I found that the minimum volume did not go low enough for all use-cases I would envisage for the headset. I ride a motorcycle to and from work and these are perfect. Neil Comment by theONbutton Oct 26, Hmm…is there an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the comment emails? By comparison while the Plantronics BackBeat produced a more open airy motorloa with more dd10 at the treble end, the Motorola SHD is the headset to choose if you want a pumping bassline.


I no longer use them so I am selling. Alternatively you motofola put the music on your BlackBerry and then when a call comes in the headset would switch to the call. That would explain why they thought it sounded weak. Motorolaa by Kelvin Lopez Jul 27, Reply.

Comment by Spaceferret May 30, Hi Andrew, re your comment that you were unable to control the volume on your iPod, which generation were you using?

If anyone can find out how to disable the beeps that would be great!