He does summon the slow time bubbles he normally does, which is extremely annoying. This keywarden can be tough, but it s mainly because it s in Act 4 and an elite pack might decide to join you during the battle. We also had bad luck and had to fight an elite pack with the keywarden, which really sucks since the mobs in Act 4 suck. Split off into different games and call out if the Bunker spawned. It s a pretty big area as well. Getting an empowered shrine right before the fight lets me facetank him straight up. What Do Paragon Levels Do.

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Table of Contents Click a link below to immediately jump to the corresponding part on this page. The keywarden also doesn t chase you as far as elite packs do, so it s much easier to run away from them if you find them before your last elite pack.

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The legendary weapon Genzaniku can roll a socket at level 9. Staff of Herding can now be dropped on the ground, or bbroadcom to a vendor for 0 gold All Staves of Herding can now be sold to a vendor broadcok 0 gold Monsters The Reflects Damage affix has been redesigned: Ghom has those slime guys he normally has and Rakanoth summons soul lasher type things.


Act 1 Best way to get stacks is definitely Festering Woods. If youhave a problem, pleasecontact usvia email firstly and give us the opportunity to reasonably rectify in a reasonable amount of brladcom. Act 3 If you re running with a group, the best way to get 5 stacks is Fortified Bunker. If somebody does die, and you need to revive, wait until Leoric teleports and then go revive. Each Hit adds Life Helm: This Mini PCMotherboard can install 3 types of processors: Each has 2 unique bosses.

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You can place orders as usual, broaddcom if you have any aftersale problem, please leave us message before leave any feedback or open dispute. Crafting Cost The new crafted items require a new reagent called Demonic Essence. See Paragon Points Distribution for details on each category and stat. The designs are not account-bound Items Crafting Plans and Jeweler Designs have been added for all of the new Rare recipes listed above These plans excluding the chest piece will drop randomly in the world, but have a 50 chance to drop off the following bosses when you have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor: Her butterflies hit hard and follow you, and they have the ability to do a complete if you teleport past them.

Feb 8th, by Cleod9. The borders for a female demon hunter are shown above. Kulle doesn t attack that often, and you just need to make 527 Siegebreaker is away. broaddcom

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This isn t a big deal since it is not used on Hardcore. Plsmake suretheshipping address,zip codeandtel-numberarecorrectbefore payment. Once Kulle s down, Siegebreaker is a piece of cake. If parcel has not arrive within expected time, nl115 contact usfirst, we will help and give you a satisfied reply or we can extend the delivery date.

Zoltan Kulle and Siegebreaker This fight can be tough, and I ve had Siegebreaker enrage a couple of fights.

Inventory #192-297-2017

You might have to do some kiting with this one. The CC resistance does build up though, so you might have to take a break and focus on one and then come back later. Keep attacking him and when he picks somebody up, it s pretty easy if you 527 some CC.