Sun May 11, 6: I cannot get any further with the installation, until I have solved this Wed Aug 06, 5: I have seen some mention of problems with this chip set but it also seems to be the basis for other hardware such as the HighPoint cards. Can you confirm that this also works? I have run CentOS for several years, but it did not expect this kind of problems. Does latest Gentoo version support it out of the box?

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I’ve modified the marvell driver 88sse6121 at the asus page to work with newer kernels and created a kernel patch, which can be found here: The regressions are in kernel 2.

Don’t panic if the links are not accessible, it’s a pc at home, which might be turned off now and then, just try again later. No information for this chipset with Google search.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – [SOLVED] Marvell 88SE IDE Problems

Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Controllers. You can find more information for this driver here: The chip called is some manuals seems to be a 88SE For Marvell 88Ex chip, there is a product brief document http: Wed Jul 30, 5: The code source version is v1.


Allow the user to control this decision via ahci. Device rev b2. Wed Jul 30, 2: I did not expect this to happen.

List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

Since the AHCI driver will without parameter automatically claim control of the marvell chip on load it’s also no use to compile both as module and insert the AHCI driver first, then the other one won’t load and you can’t use the ide port same as without this mv driver. The following utilize 88E80xx Yukon Gigabit Ethernet chipsets: Any other hints tips are appreciated!

Thanks for a fast reply. Wed Aug 06, 3: For the Marvell 88SX60xx chips, there is a product brief document.

Marvell 88SE SATA/IDE controller – CentOS

Unknown device rev b1. In case you want both, the AHCI and the Marvell driver, as i do, you will have to live with the 88es6121 harddisk layout, at least till a better working marvell driver is incorporated in mainline. Use the boot parameter: I can’t find any kind of a driver 88se6112 this.


Website, accessed August 8, I’ve modified the marvell driver found at the asus page to work with 2.

Using the Marvell 88SE61xx controllers

I cannot get any further with the installation, until I have solved this When choosing the option “IDE” in the BIOS instead of ahcithe installation program installs the ata-piix driver and starts installing properly!

I kept it on Legacy.

I’m beginning to see the care I need to have when selecting a board for Centos. This workaround work only with chipset that have AHCI support. Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on their website. SATA link up 3. This is included in FreeBSD Tue Jul 29, 9: Wed Jul 30, 1: This is a list of computer chipsets made by Marvell Technology Group.