This command available only on units with MagnePrint feature. The Result Codes are the same as for Microprocessor cards. The device is power cycled or reset. This property enables or disables the MCP error recovery feature. None Response Message Data: Response will be in the same format including the Op Code before optional data.

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Application Messages The following command ID values are defined: Op Code one byte Mp Name: This property enables or disables the MCP error recovery feature. The buzzer is used two distinct ways.

This command attempts to eject a card from inside the transport to a position where the card can be removed by the user and where magnetic stripe reading is complete. The following describes each property this application supports. Memory Card Support The bit address is added to the byte address to form the address of the first bit to be affected by the command.

The value is fixed and is software dependent. Intellistripe Desktop Motorised Card Reader click for more The specified address is a bit address.

Accessories, Related documents | MagTek SWIPE & PARK User Manual | Page 10 / 20

This property is used to control notification messages sent in response to a transport indicator changing from a maggtek to a 1 state. If the notify read state is not set to OFF, then a notification message will be sent to the host when a card is read. This application works closely with the Magnetic Stripe application.


Your manual failed to upload First, it is used to present the User Code which unlocks further functionality. This command is used to perform a Warm Reset on a smart card in the currently selected connector. The maximum time it would take the device to reset would be 5 seconds. Email Please enter valid email address. Proprietary magstripe formats can be supported via a binary encode mode.

Decrement value of block in RAM Data structure: This property is the USB product. This property can be used to determine if the device has magtem reset. This application deals with the buzzer. The track of decoded data starts with a start sentinel and ends with an end sentinel and is converted to ASCII format.

This command is used to send additional commands to the OTI module through the IntelliStripe 65 mgtek. There are two major categories of card types. Once set, these property values will persist for the current connector until a device reset, or until they are changed by further property settings.


When this property is disabled, the device will no longer require the host to perform the auto baud synchronization sequence. Nagtek I has a full-featured command set that allows a customer’s software application to easily control and monitor status of all device operations.

Software accessories, Related documents – MagTek IntelliStripe 350 User Manual

Your message has been sent. P2 is lower byte of address to read. A generic command has a common meaning for different device applications.

This command attempts to consume a card into the transport to a position where smart card communications can occur and magnetic stripe reading is complete.

Page 51 Section 5. This property contains the value of the communications protocol used by this device. This application deals with the host controlled Maggtek. This command available only on units with MagnePrint feature.