He has missed two New York Rangers games in 17 years. By Joe Pantorno Published: When Frankie Reynolds retired in after 35 years of Zamboni-ing, Curtis got the job. Curtis walks around the perimeter of the rink, cleaning marks made by pucks — and the players themselves — off the glass, so the fans get a clear view. Zamboni finds new home in Muskegon Volunteers have spent three years refurbishing the ice cleaner. The city of Muskegon owns the Zamboni. For Bangladesh PM, authoritarian tag is “badge of honor”, son says on poll eve 5m.

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Often, Curtis and Durkin have passengers — children from the Garden of Dreams Foundation charity — whom the drivers have given a tutorial on how to wave. The city of Muskegon owns the Zamboni.

Zamboni finds new home in Muskegon – schurz-southbendtribune

Zamboni finds new home in Muskegon Volunteers have spent three years refurbishing the ice cleaner. It’s hoped that a newly built water-dispersing unit for the Zamboni will reduce Berge’s reliance on the fire hose, Rudicil said. Durkin hopped on board inalternating with Reynolds.

Everything but hockey, that is. They feel a tinge of regret for the Zamboni drivers in cities whose teams failed to get into the playoffs.

Rides on the Zamboni Machines Now On Sale

And there is a meticulous way to do it. If there are any imperfections, they have to go out and fix it.


Egyptian forces kill 40 suspected militants after tourist bus bombed 5m. Essentially, a Zamboni — so called because it was invented in by Frank J Zamboniwho owned an ice rink in Southern California — shaves the ice with a blade, collects the snow in a tank, coats the ice with warm fresh water and smooths the surface with a towel in back.

DeSean Jackson coming back? It’s used to establish the initial bases of ice and to level their surfaces, Rudicil said.

Could Mitch Marner be had? Both men were working with the team in when the Rangers won their first Stanley Cup since Curtis, who now lives in the New York suburb of Yonkers, was working in a concrete union when he had a chance to join the utility staff at the Garden. On the ninth floor at the Garden is an antique resurfacer: But he has become so attached to his machine over the years that he called the Zamboni company when he was in Southern California to see if he could drop by.

Rides on the Zamboni Machines Now On Sale |

While the lines are painted, the Rangers logo and advertisements are vinyl. But then he got sick, so Reynolds, not exactly a hockey fan, took the helm. You want to take all the skate marks out of it. And the losses, they hurt.

Recommended Slideshows 30 Pictures. Squarw returns after work to check on the rinks, then goes back again after they close at night to shovel the 1, feet of surrounding snowbanks, run the Zamboni and spray more water.


Zamboni finds new home in Muskegon

Curtis and Durkin lay down the surface once a year, which came on Labor Day Weekend this year. He has missed four games in 30 years, all because of deaths in the family. This contraption was used when the Rangers played at the old Garden at Eighth Avenue and 49th Street.

Is Starbucks open on New Years’ Day? Volunteers have spent three years refurbishing the ice cleaner. About 90 minutes before a game the crew emerge from an office a half-level down from the event level at the Garden, five floors above the street. Here, the Zamboni drivers get lots of help.

No matter what time of year, Madison Square Garden is always bustling. This is the fun time of year. Although a Zamboni has headlights — because, of course, a driver might have to take it outside to dump the snow — these lumbering vehicles are not built for the road.

Photo courtesy of the New York Rangers. China’s Supreme Court to take on intellectual property cases.