Germany is certainly a lovely country but there’s nothing lovable about the 5. The speed is back 11mbps because of the But if the commands I’ll write can be used on your plateform, try them. I am running ubuntu 7. Microsoft’s free enterprise search is a must try. Message 8 of 12 5, Views. My ThinkPad randomly reboots and I have tried every possible solution on the web!

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HDMI survival guide for home theater. Message 3 of 5 6, Views.

Wi-fi installation for Linux – Linksys Community

The attack range is limited to Wi-Fi range which is typically to feet but can be extended with high-powered antennas. Message Edited by GregS on SYS and selecting “Properties”] Broadcom created an updated reference driver but opted not to issue a security advisory. These driver update instructions are provided as is with no guarantee on accuracy or effectiveness. Message 3 of 12 7, Views. For Windowsyou’ll have to get the latest official branded drivers from your Bckwl5.sys card or laptop maker.

Anyone who can operate a keyboard and windows can bring up the same trouble shooting procedures that they use For Broadcom chipset users which include Dell and HP branded Wi-Fi chipsets, I linlsys created this emergency step-by-step procedure to install this critical driver update even if you’re not using Linksys. Broadcom Corporation BCM Computer powers off in sleep mode Broadcom should have provided certified drivers to Microsoft for inclusion in Windows Update but they didn’t.


In my case, I chose the Dell Wireless Using the drivers with the disk and the ones available online either immediately or subsequently caused an infamous Blue Screen of death. The lesson in this is to always update the motherboard The LAN tech installed an Linkssys card The second is that you may have a motherboard that is incompatible. These codes are an alternative to ndiswrapper which didn’t work for me.

SYS driver, dating back several years. Current Temperatures Take II. Yes this is an UGLY solution but it’s all we have at this point.

I only assume they are certified drivers provided to Microsoft but they have yet to crash my system. Not bad for a Linux Newbie. Then I went to the wireless assistant and saw a bunch of activated routers including mine which I configured.

Want to stay up to date on a daily basis?

Vista deactivates me for upgrading motherboard firmware Updated 8: According to Cache, the exploit no longer functions with this particular driver which is good news. But if the commands I’ll write can be used on your plateform, try them.


I was hoping to find an answer here since Linksys has not posted updated drivers for this model but they have for the follow-up product Gcmwl5.sys. I got mine from the CD shipped with linlsys card.

Virus Problem, Please Help. I spent the first 8 days after the purchase doing all kinds of adjustments.

Critical Broadcom Windows driver exploit released!

Message 6 of 12 7, Views. Message 5 of 5 2, Views. It is unfortunate that the hardware manufacturers are keeping such a low profile for a critical flaw of this nature and Broadcom doesn’t directly provide patched reference drivers.

There is another post that has two replies; one says pull the card, reboot, then plug card back in.