Unfortunately, LG have not bothered to implement this industry standard in their phones except one – the LG KM Arena , so without that iSync support is impossible. He has a lot on agorism and counter-economics, but he sometimes gets distracted with irrelevant stuff like voting and protesting. I still do some editing before publishing the post on my blog. We recently moved Verizon specific content to VerizonForums. I haven’t done that yet. It wont let me query the modem. While there is no iSync run-around, there is a way to sync your phone with your mac.

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It’s too infrequently updated. Plus the contacts from BitPim never showed up either. Forums I Read Regularly I don’t currently regularly read any discussion forums.

August edited August Works great thanks for the clear directions!! I put one paragraph per note. What are you trying to access on the SD card? Here s the scoop for BitPim 1. Julian Wright Julian Wright.

My brother recommended bitpim as well, but with the caveats that the required cable isn’t that easily acquired ie, must be ordered and that getting into the phone’s os could be risky.


I’m wondering if it will work if you set it to that phone. I realize that whenever you start modding, you assume the risk of really messing things up. My parents are demanding I waste a lot of time entertaining them. His articles are on a website that promotes purchasing gold coins. Bluetooth File Exchange that is I used bitpim command line mode to transfer the file and then wrote a PHP script to parse out the notes file.

This is what it said for my phone, yours may gitpim on a different COM that is okay. Verizon phone software will prevent you from doing anything but Music or Videos.

Problem using BitPim with enV Touch

Honorable Mention These blogs have some interesting content, but they don’t make it into my regular reading rotation. I didn’t attempt to write contacts using BitPim and I’m not sure from your post if you did or didn’t. Your name or email address: I can do the whole thing in one step!

When I tried to use the latest version of BitPim 1. It looks like you’re new here. I find Google Reader to be a better information source. That is the same problem that I had with my phone.


I’m wondering if it will work if you set it to that phone. He also has a website but no blog.

How to get bitpim working for Lg Env Touch

Techdirt has a lot of interesting technology-related items. Mikey PalmiceJun bitpum, I check back occasionally, and on a slow day I might read them.

I’ve been using BitPim for a long time and never experienced anything like that. I tried connecting to all the com ports manually and also using “auto” and nothing worked.

I realize this is not wireless which was the crux of your discussion, but at one point you were talking about moving files with wires and I find this pretty easy. It aint pretty and it can be glitchy.