We had thin driver with 9i and had perfomance problems during high load on system, then we switched to oci – and everything was fine. I myself would much prefer to use the thin client. Your applet can take advantage of the data encryption and integrity checksum features of the Oracle Advanced Security option. January 04, – 6: Microsoft Windows [Version 5. I made it multi-user, just to show — just to prove for once and for all that using statements is a bad bad idea. For example, we use Oracle Names in our environment to make database locations transparent to our clients, but now we have clients who are using the thin driver.

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It will require the installation of the Oracle8 client on the machine with the tomcat engine.

Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information

For one of our projects we were using the JDBC driver – jdbbc For that you need to set the driver know where to find the file by setting the property “oracle.

Our web application uses Servlets and JSPs we do not use appletswhich are housed in a Tomcat engine. However, it is used for code that runs on tbin database server and needs to access another session either on the same server or on a remote server on any tier.


I made it multi-user, just udbc show — just to prove for once and for all that using statements is a bad bad idea. That is, the code runs and accesses data from a single Oracle session.

Ask TOM “JDBC thin dirver vs OCI driver”

Chapter 12, “Proxy Authentication”. Elliott Frisch k 13 89 The reason is mostly performance. It appears that Weblogic has recently integrated the software to which you refer: You can restrict the user by granting permission to connect to only specific computers or ports. I would figure my “Parse” and “Execute” counts to be the same as the PreparedStatement jsbc.

Java Programming with Oracle JDBC by Donald Bales

Is that still true? Would OCI help in this case? We are getting an error. Could please share some more info on OCI. It can be used with both applets and applications. It is divided into the following sections:.

Here is my modified java code. Tom Kyte from Reston VA. Now, If the database session is abruptly killed 1. We have to wait for a reply from the Patent Office before getting final approval, so please be patient.

OCI Versus Thin Drivers – Java Programming with Oracle JDBC [Book]

OCI is an API that enables you to create applications that use the native procedures or function calls of a third-generation language to access Oracle Database and control all phases of the SQL statement processing. I’ve modified the unix script to work with windows.


Hi Tom, I love your response above. This question is Whilst you are here, check out some content from the AskTom team: It’s great when you provide simple tests to debunk misinformation. It’s probably also worth mentioning that because the thin driver doesn’t thn Net8, you can’t do any of the things you would normally be able to do by setting a sqlnet.

So, I a use sqlplus to flush the shared pool. Is there really any important performance difference? What do you recommend for a average OLTP system, is it still ‘old rule’ use oci as it’s native or is thin so much improved now? I own a book named “Expert One On One Oracle” “Chapter 3 Hdbc and concurrency” The author goes into the issues about locking and concurency in great details, and I understood that chapter.

Hi Tom, we have the same implemantation orcle – oracle client — tomcat but rigth now we are facing the problem of the connection pooling. ORCL”, “scott”, “tiger” ; con.

There are three way to bind data for input: BTW I work for Oracle and my group is responsible for htin development of these drivers.