Onur Baskirt August 30, at 5: This however is also the disadvantage too, if you want to automate a webpage as if a real user experience. Hello Onur, your website is very useful.. FixMethodOrder ; import org. Did you try to get all windows with windowhandle and switch to second one? Thanks for the reply, just checked it. We have to call from JavaScript, to tell Webdriver, that our Asynchronous execution has finished.

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Also, he worked as software test leader and software operations manager at Turkey’s biggest technology retailer, Teknosa. Hi Sri, As I know you are doing the ib. AutoIt v3 is also freeware.

Display the alert message js. Onur Baskirt September 5, at 3: Onur Baskirt September 26, at 1: We can also pass complicated arguments to it. Thanks anyways will try to use other techniques available in your above article. Scrolled down the window using JavaScriptExecutor. Maybe it is better to put some breakpoints and some debugging texts in your code and examine the problem. In case, javascriptexecjtor locators do not work you can use JavaScriptExecutor.


Navigated to the different page using JavaScriptExecutor.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver with Example

By Onur Baskirt T It uses a combination of mouse movement, keystrokes and Within the script, use the document to refer to the current document. Small correction I Guess How to scroll up or down on modal pop-up window?

You also can find a detailed discussion about the arguments in What does arguments[0] and arguments[1] mean when using executeScript method from JavascriptExecutor interface through Selenium Webdfiver His hobbies are sport, dancing, traveling, and nutrition.

Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Local variables will not be available once the javzscriptexecutor has finished executing, though global variables will persist.

AfterClass ; import org. This is particularly pertinent when creating your own XHR request or when trying to access another frame. Application waits for 5 sec to perform a further action. We have to call from JavaScript, to tell Webdriver, that our Asynchronous execution has finished.


It allows writing test more like a normal coding. Hello Onur, Can you please help me understand what is aebdriver in the below mentioned return boolean js.

Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium-11

When the code is executed successfully. Long and short answer is: This callback is always injected into the executed function as the last argument.

When above code is executed successfully, it will it will fetch the details of the site and navigate to different page as shown below.

SW Test Academy January 15, at 6: Our test site is: Before we execute AsyncScriptwe have to make sure to set the script timeout. Onur Baskirt May 5, at 2: WebElement ; import org.