I dont need to hold that much music on it and want to keep it cheap as possible without sacrificing quality. As a result, the cover opens easily, the contact is lost off and the player turns off. Honor Honor 10 , Honor 9 , Honor 8 , Honor 7. South Korean private equity firm Vogo Fund held a major stake in iriver from to , working to improve the company’s prospects as its MP3 player business has dwindled. Moreover, the radio tuner is integrated only into the senior model! Andrei Kozhemyako aka Korzh korzh ixbt. Mar 27, Posts:

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The equalizer has 5 default settings, but there is also a user mode.

The only drawback is that it’s a tad bigger than some of the other flash players. This article is about about a brand and marketing division.

The only thing not shown on the picture is that the player has a slider for key locking. Such wearing is dominant on the market, but it’s not very convenient because of the hanging headphones cable. If you want to make another folder in your device, it’s very easy.

iriver iFPT MB MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

It’s not breaking records, but the result is impressive. Besides, Microsoft has lately developed a new version of its format – V9. Jul 28, Posts: Do you have a question? I think such navigation system is not needed for the current models. Sat Dec 06, 7: At present each model has covers of only one color. Although the documentation says that errors are possible, I never came across misoperation of the counter.


Should you have any driver-related technical questions, please feel free to ask them on our forum. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

The purpose of data processing through cookies is to ensure the functioning of the website, personalization of the content and analysis mo3 website use. Two junior models iFP and iFP weigh 29 g without the battery 32 with itwhile the senior solution iFPT is heavier by 20 g.

The iRiver Music Manager, this very useful program, can record everything into the player’s memory and extract everything except audio files, reorder a playback sequence and delete files from the player. However, it’s OK with standard ones for AudioCD 44 kHz, that is why if WMA suits you as a storage format you can use it especially considering that there is everything necessary for creation of such files in the Windows.

But if MB is sufficient, if you can’t do without a radio tuner and want a compact player with a maximum set of features and if you are ready to pay for it – the iRiver iFPT is an excellent choice.

iRIVER iFP-180T, 128 MB, MP3/ WMA/ ASF přehrávač, FM Tuner, záznamník

The cover is pressed against a butt-end of the strung battery and is fixed playrr, while on other players a battery compartment usually opens on the side panel. I did a search, and it was broken. I want to stay in the s at best. Actually, the software can be installed later if you set the way to the folder with the drivers first time.


Why buy from us? The only rlash lacking is that you can’t remember a track position. A remote control is missing, though it’s not necessary for such a petite device. I wouldn’t call it either disadvantage or advantage. What made the company expand to other market segments? The company targeted early adopters among American users as it tried to regain dominance of the category. Enter link to the external review. Retrieved 14 April Usually, in CD players you can disable this mode entirely, remember both a track and a track position, or remember only a track, and the iFT doesn’t have the last option.

As to the playback order control, you can repeat one or several compositions and set random playback both for the whole contents of the player and for a separate folder.