How do I use coordinate parameters for mouse actions on poorly defined windows? How can I keep my application under test open after a Silk4Net test has completed? Is it possible to pass a variable containing dynamic values into an X-Path query in order to identify an object? Is there a generic way to make SilkTest wait before setting a certain type of window active? Temperature conversion library for 4Test, Workbench and Silk4Net. How do I execute remote tests via threads on two SilkTest Agents?

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How do I resolve the SilkTest error “Table record type does not correspond to a known table: Determining the version of an installed Web Browser.

How can Class Mapping be set within a SilkTest testcase? How is the “Click ” implemented a on a webpage using Javascript functionality? How can the SilkTest recovery system work with an application which has an open window that om002 be closed?

Solved: ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no defa – Microsoft Power BI Community

Thursday, July 15, 5: Where can I find the Flex Automation package files? Window”[1]”was not found” when enabling extensions for testing Internet Explorer with Silk Test?


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Why does SilkTest hang after completing a testcase on my dotNet 2. Recording scripts with both Internet Explorer and Microspft. How can SilkTest handle differences in declarations when dealing with dynamic tables using VO in Netscape4. What might cause a consistent crash of IE after SilkTest is installed?

Is it possible to specify when to run a SilkTest 4Test testscript? How to use the GenerateDecl function and how to specify tags at the script level in SilkTest? During execution of microsofy SilkTest test plan, is there a way at runtime to show which Testcase is running? Image Verification fails on an RWD responsive web design webpage.

Net WPF script fails to complete.

SilkTest does not recognize a Flex application in Firefox. What are the suggested standards to put in place when considering automated testing?

Are there any non-English versions of the sample applications? How to handle an ‘invalid object handle exception’ error in SilkTest Classic. Can testcases from two different. Does SilkTest have a “whenever” Statement or a feature that would perform actions similar to it?


Message 1 of 13 59, Views. How can extensions be enabled for SilkTest Runtime? How can I slow down Microsofy Execution? Export and share Silk Test Workbench visual test screen previews.

ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Set and return the value of an Agent Option in my script using Silk4J. Why do I get an “unterminated string” error when compiling my SilkTest frame file? How can I verify if an object exists in VB. NET for manipulation as a micfosoft data type before passing back to the Visual Test? Can SilkTest record the time taken between a certain action being taken and an object appearing? What is a Data Member and how is it declared in 4Test? When using ListDeletethe list is not deleted in the order I would microxoft and I receive an indexing error.