Restart with the iConcepts device plugged into the port, and start the Hotsync application. I want to thank you [ I will never expose your email address. You can execute this with root permissions by typing sudo pax -pe -ruvf Here is or was — it seems to be out of order now a page with an extensive discussion of these drivers and devices that use them. They say it supports OS X up to This is so you can plug serial devices into your USB port Macs have not had serial ports for some time.

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I’m running system I got a killer deal on an old Palm and it is looking less like a deal iconcept minute.

Thanks for your message! I will never expose your email address. Here’s a link to the new 1. Either the hotsync will begin right away or nothing will happen. There are other brands as well. The new link you found has a download for v.

Is there another adaptor that works better? The problems I have seen are almost always driver related.


When you restart you might get a warning dialog; click “Fix and Use”. Or any other brand for that matter?

Product Drivers, Firmware & Software – IOGEAR

I’ve only used this driver on OSX I’ve updated this page, incorporating your corrections. Fri, 20 Aug But I put it back, so if you try again you should be able to download. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

The link you provided seemed to have dead download links so I stepped back to get new ones. However I am not sure if they truly will drive the IOconcepts device. I went to the sakar help site and downloaded the driver there, but it doesn’t work.

Tell me which version of OSX you are running, and anything else that might be helpful to other readers.

You might have to tell your browser to download rather than display. You might try xerial it into a different port if that doesn’t work.

Where to Buy

The dongle itself is not labled with any logo. Check this and uncheck ubs others. It does not respond to any input keys that I use. There should ussb a new connection option under the “Connection Settings” tab called “usbserial-port”. Mon Jul 10, 5: I have a few days in which I can return the iconcepts adaptor. Sun Dec 18, 6: Where to get it The company that sold the adapter used to make drivers available at tech.


Sorry it didn’t seem to work.

USB Serial Adapter Drivers Page

I, to date, have never had any issues with my adapter. Let me know if you want me to xerial your name, as well. Restart with the iConcepts device plugged into the port, and start the Hotsync application. The hardware is pretty standard, and most drivers work with these adapters, regardless of the manufacturer. After installing the