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Ethyriel Ars Praetorian Registered: This has paid off with working beta open source 3D drivers for R series cards.

Jun 15, Posts: The motherboard sound is fair at best with my Gigabtye DS3. If your laptop supports it, or you have a spdif break-out board for your desktop system.

I dunno about other distros, but hg Audigy 2 ZS worked “out of the box” on Ubuntu 8. Fri Jun 27, 1: Just compile the drivers into the kernel and set up ALSA.

HT Omega STRIKER 7.1 PCI (STRIKER7.1) Sound Card

I’m jt it is nifty, the problem I see is that it eats performance and it was included by default; if you don’t need it, it’s not a good to have. Also wanted omegx unusual setup where Headphones can connect separately from speakers and the inline speaker on off switch that comes with my Monsoon speakers works.


Thread is closed because you guys can’t keep it civil. It’s a older card, but it’s aimed at the ‘prosumer’ market and is of good quality. There was a period of time when it wouldn’t work under both Hh and Linux if you dual booted and had updated the sound card firmware to the latest version. Well if it’s better it probably has more to do with the work that went into it, not the fact that it uses SDL.

HT Omega STRIKER PCI (STRIKER) Sound Card | eBay

The best part about it, it has socketed opamps, so you can put in high quality ones down the road and have better sound. That’s to say that I’m willing to bet it could perform even better without SDL, which is a layer that slows things down. This sort of thing would be terrific if you want to put a recording booth in your basement on a budget, but it’s going to really suck if you want to do something like have surround sound or play Doom3 they do do ac3 passthrough and such so if you have a receiver that can decode digital streams then they’ll work fine for home theater, but you can do that with a el’cheapo card just as well If your a audiophile type person they are good for high-fidelity stereo out and the is cheap enough that it makes sense to do that.


So I’m trying this.

Sep 6, Posts: I observed this clearly in a game console emulator. Overall the card itself is not bad really, but it should be much much strker.

Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I don’t know, but to me it wouldn’t be anywhere as important. I don’t linx why an Audigy 2 should be any different.

Tue Jul 01, 4: So you can have a band playing and be able to give each guy a mic and such and be able to use headphones for a monitor and be able to balance out the channels for your recording. Still takes a bit of compiling to get 3D working though.

Thanks for the link Bonza The website people are ATI fanboi, but in their forums they have people getting the open source drivers working.

I wanted mic and line in in two separate plugs.

What is a good sound card for linux?

To each their own. Show More Show Less. Nov 29, Posts: Posted this somewhere else, my subjective ratings. HT Omega is the card to have!