Must run hp-setup utility to obtain plugin. No problems so far. Works like a charm once it is installed with the Ubuntu Printers utility. HP laserjet foo2jzs. Installing a printer on Ubuntu 7. Printing and scanning work over the network.

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Autodetected via USB 2. Both scanning and printing work on 6. Printing and scanning works over ethernet.

Bug#818706: hplip: HP DeskJet 840C – cannot print in greyscale

Note that gnome-cups-manager sets only personal defaults. Use HP OfficeJet series drivers. C series Printing works perfectly with usb, scanner works too with hpaio. They need tested on a currently supported version of Ubuntu.

Appears that hplip support partially desijet in 5. I am imagining this is gonna be a learning experience Prior a printer installation, I ran the update, downloaded, and installed about updates. Installing a printer on Ubuntu 7. Printer and scanner work perfectly. Prints from OOo when in Postscript Level 2 mode.


Printer: HP DeskJet C | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

I have not printed much yet. For setting the defaults system-wide, use the CUPS web interface http: HP laserjet foo2jzs. It is set to ‘Monochrome’ by default. If you’d still like linhx learn about how to open a terminal and perform actions in it, there’s documentation about that.

Note that I was using the printer via Samba. Set the “Color Mode” option to “Color”.

Download and install driver from http: There are 2 entries for this model–it recommended the Postscript driver, I changed it to hpijs. Haven’t tested usb, but I believe it works too. For example of my nebieness: Open a terminal or command line window. USB both print and scan worked out off box with Dapper. Lucid and Maverick recommend the hpijs driver during setup, Natty the hpcups, but both seem to work well.

Bug# hplip: HP DeskJet C – cannot print in greyscale

Drivers available, Plugged in USB and worked right away. Works out of the box, both with a direct 804c and as a network printer.


Lucid and Maverick use the hpijs driver, Natty the hpcups. You should find that the HP C is selectable as a printer type in Ubuntu 7. Immediately worked well with ljet4 driver, no problems seen in a few months of printing. In Feisty, it works fine. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Also, I am attempting to install a dial up modem in this machine beforehand, so I may not have internet access.

Both printing and scanning work, even over a network with printer connected directly to network. Have not tried scanner.