Security Compliance Update – Ensures that hotComm has the latest software modules i. Click Browse, and navigate to the location where the hotComm Mirror Driver files reside. The Speedlink option re-directs the user to a message, so that you can tell they what’s happening and what to do. Use this if you have an Avion or similar video card, and hotComm crashes on startup. Your desktop icon runs hotComMD.

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Even our Timed camera will penetrate the hotComm dialog allowing you to view session questions while showing a powerpoint or chart.

The Auction lasts 1 hour or seconds. User Guide Document number: Microphone right-click menu has changed. Do NOT restart your computer when prompted.

The look of IM-Live Java clients can be highly customized. We added auto-relog to Proxy servers in the event of lost TCP connection. Webcam window now has a warning message about closing the data stream mjrror the user tries to close the window while webcam is live.

My Outbox folder options – Display Info, Expand. See our terms of use. Fix – Chat Preferences dialog and Private Key status fixed for system desktop schemes using a large font setting. Create an AE abbreviation expansion that displays poll questions and results.


New Sound Uotcomm to alert you to incoming Private Messages. Installer is faster now as it includes minimal Help files with Links to the full web-based User Guide. If you have the Mirror Driver installed and therefore, availablean “M” icon appears on the bottom line of your hotComm window. This works with session recordings made with current and previous releases.

Right-Mouse menu of the camera icon allows Direct-Video selections like Cams in addition to Twain devices and allows you to send still or timed images.

The “speaking” field size was shunk a bit to allow more horizontal sizing without obscuring the emoticon control. During the installation, when you are ask this question: Audio Focus now changes correctly. Your Backup copy is defaultx.

Fixed problem with crashing when checking whether hotComm has been added to Windows Firewall Exception acceptance list. By design, HiFi audio is not recorded.

hotComm 7.0 Highlights

Fix abnormal exit of hotComm upon adding the 6th peer in a voice session. Record Timer on the Audio allowing you to set the start-End timed to avoid missing that unattended event. Auto-upgrade from hotComm Lite to hotComm Standard. You see a list of hardware that is already installed on your computer. You can ,irror added as a Moderator multiple times, once for each room you want to present in.


hotComm User Guide

The Moderator authorization is valid only for the room you are authorized for. Installer script fix for checking the location of previous data files. It now asks for your name or nickname instead of your identity. Once the maximum is exceeded, anyone else is rejected with an automatic AE message “ttfull”.

When prompted, enter the password.

All User Camera shots continue to be displayed as links in the transcript. Timed Region, a Timed Camera feature.