Doesn’t work on my window 8, don’t have time to play with it. Good luck on setting up but once it work it works well. I did have a question during installation and called Zoom and easily got a hold of a live rep who was easy to talk to and got me going quickly. Since the modem is a true hardware modem it won’t use as much of the computer’s processing to communicate over dial-up. Overall, I would still recommend this modem to anyone looking for an occasional dial-up connection with a laptop, but it is not well suited for a desktop using it for regular use. If you’re hesitating about the price, consider that it will save you time on every Linux computer where you need to use dial-up.

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This product can extend to 2 ports USB 3. Who have ‘faxed’ my private data back and forth to me via efax email.

The bottom line is that this modem is worth every penny in spite of the rather high price. Item s will have a 4″x2″ internal inventory label, see pictures.

Told it arrived fine. Doesn’t work on my window 8, don’t have time to play with it. It always worked a little flukey, likely because I am faxing over a digital Vonage line. The ID of the modem port changes.



It take a bout 1 minutes per page of PDF for me. PCI hardware fax voice modem 56 k 3Com U. Unable to obtain speed info on other modems. Unfortunately I couldn’t receive anything. To get it running and I was soon hooked up to the Net.

Hamlet Usb V 56K Fax/Modem Driver

It’s truly a hardware modem and uses the USB communications device standard. Except that it was USB, which I didn’t have in the 90’s. It cannot be made to work with NCID where you can add numbers to a black list. Windows 7 and 8 typically recognize the hamler but I go to the Zoom website to ensure that I have the latest one. Created a fax printer in settings.

I bought this modem for use with my desktop as a fax server with windows 7 using faxtalk. January December Then the lights on my USB hub didn’t even come on for the modem.

No one else seems to mind this, including mortgage brokers, banks, etc. I have turned up all the settings within Windows and the volume on a call is still relatively low.

hamlet website | HV92USB2 – Modem USB V 56K

For Linux, you only need to buy one of these modems and connect it to whatever computer you happen to be using. Black, Orange, Built-in processor: My fax software ‘sees’ the modem, and the wide USRobotics brand recognition means that the drivers.


Author Write something about hamleet. It’s fax/morem news that Apple omitted a modem from its MacBook Pro series of laptops. You can’t add more pages to a fax after creating it.

Up to 56K data download,48K data upload,and Author Write something about yourself. Not sure of it works for win If you’re looking for a Windows modem this is still a great modem but you can get less expensive software modems.

Hamlet Hv92usb2 Modem Fax V. 92 USB 2.0

No Mac drivers for the modem. What’s worse is there fzx/modem no light indicating when the modem is using the phone line to try to connect. Item location see all. We do not have any influence or responsibility on your national laws!