Says its for ALC, curious are there a bunch of hacked versions of Voodoohda out there for specific hardware? This happened for a few days. I got it to work!! One way you can find out your chipset through your motherboards product page or by typing your motherboard into Newegg. I just ran into some trouble because I previously tried with cloverALC. So to recap is all I need to do?:

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Nothing seems to help really. Audio is working, except there is a permanent whistle very disturbing. This basic guide wont work for every motherboard, check to see hackkintosh you have one of the common problems below.

What threw me off with voodoohda was that in addition to the voodoohda. I got it to work!!

This happens when the version of AppleALC. Sign In Sign Up. My audio worked great last week so maybe related? Anyway to boost microphone? Your same page hash links dont work.


Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio – Audio – InsanelyMac Forum

Is there a specific source you would recommend to download voodooHDA and applehdadisabler. That’s it for the installation, assuming you have a myHack build Thanks for the the excellent guide. You need to know what audio chipset your motherboard uses, it needs to be a compatible ALC chipset to work. Just updated to Here is an example of the audio files not playing in Quicktime or Itunes in addition to the frozen hackintish video.

Select Internal Speakers for output. Audio now works after hackintozh sauce: But it doesn’t matter where you get Voodoo audio kext from, what matters is that you get and test different versions. Thank you in advance! The hardware is ok tested on Windows.

This guide worked perfectly — better than before in fact because now I have both the DisplayPort audio AND the front headphone jack, both tested. Some info on what the audio layout ID is for and why you might want to use a different ID would be helpful Why does installing v1.


You saved my life. I am not able to get my audio working with any method at all. I have zx-u5d ALC codec and i7 These options should show if you setup audio properly using the guide above.

One way you can find out your chipset through your motherboards product page or by typing your motherboard into Newegg. Any idea how to have a proper sound? Brilliant guide, thank you very much. So I was thinking I would include that method too.

This is how to get Hackintosh audio working

Thanks for the guide! Now the microphone volume is too small. Tried different Audio IDs, all of them 11, 1, 2, 5, 7 and different connections motherboard, front panel. Now that I installed Applehdadisabler.