Cookies make it easier to offer our services. As mentioned earlier, MeasureTool must handshake in some way with the SpectroScan during configuration by sending a command to the SpectroScan, which signals a response to complete the setup. Search Place ad Log in. At this juncture, all three motors were capable of control via the front panel. The location on the circuit board was underneath the black housing of the mini-DIN connector, so there was no way to see it without removing the connector.

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These stainless steel rails which the Lino glides around on need to be very clean except for spectroscab very light coating of lubricant. When I attempted to read a target recently, MeasureTool gave me an error: Afterwards, I ensured that continuity of the remaining pins was accurate and that I did not induce any cross-talk between circuits.

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Personal tools Log in. The reason for this policy is that shipping carriers will not honor or reimburse any returns from damage after the gretagmavbeth is shipped back from the customer and the claim is handled at our location, The damaged item claim must be handled at the customers location or we will not have funds to reimburse our customer. This page was last modified on 3 Augustat Software for Konica Minolta Instruments.

Video Tutorials Table of Contents. I actually learned this lesson many years ago in high school with a Commodore 64 computer that was malfunctioning.

I felt confident that the serial communication between the computer and the SpectroScan was working. First, the small circuit board that the SpectroLino plugs into had some crusty solder connections psectroscan the pins of the mini-DIN connector.


Finally, the SpectroScan communicates with software on a computer over a serial line by receiving and sending commands between the computer and the SpectroLino, thereby telling gretagmadbeth SpectroLino to take a measurement of a specific color patch on a test chart and send that result back to the computer.

The power supply wiring harness is a total of seven wires, which connects to the main board. Please correct your entries in the highlighted boxes.

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Gregagmacbeth an electronic recycling company, we warranty hardware only, we do not provide any support or service or warranty for any equipment with software issues. After my teacher and I worked on it for weeks, we eventually gave up. Of course occur anyway during the purchase process differences of opinion. Software that captures measurement data. Measuring remission, transmission and emission. Does this advertisement violate the rules of our marketplace, in your opinion?

X-Rite and similar handhelds. Are you the end-user of this item?

Either way, I was unaware of any repair company to help me, so I was forced to attempt the repair myself. It is barely 16 cm long and weighs only g.

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Offset Press Audit Test Form. If payment has not been received within 7 days of auction closure, a ggetagmacbeth will be filed and the item will be relisted. Power is distributed to the stepper motors, front panel circuit board and the SpectroLino from the tretagmacbeth circuit board through various other cabling.


There will be a packing fee on larger and heavier items it will be determined by the size and the care that has to go into packing an item. Therefore, I was beginning to hypothesize that I had either a power or communications issue between the main circuit board and the SpectroLino.

Suspecting corrosion as the cause, I doused the board with DeoxIT and scrubbed it clean. We have seen even a single hair on a rail to cause the movement to stick, so don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning the rails. We will not provide a refund for items that have been damaged by the shipping carrier unless they are refused by our customers first or have given us the time needed to make and receive a claim with our carrier, in order for us to handle the claim properly. Although polite, the individual I was conversing with claimed that X-Rite no longer supported or serviced these units and that a schematic or service manual was unavailable.

Returns We Except We except returns under the condition that there was no clear description informing the buyer of the third party description or condition.

If the spectroscna is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. Herr Torsten Kirchhof Bahnhofstr. Accessories and spare parts