Besides excellent telephony, Ascom i62 offers advanced messaging capabilities making it ideal for collaborating with colleagues. We will be closed from December 22 to January 2. This is another area that seems to cause confusion. What colour space should I use with Altair Colour Cameras? The handsets offer Man down and No movement options with integration geolocation. The connection cable between the PC and the mount. The best example of this is older EQ style mounts.

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Exactly what you did, what worked and what did not. The guide speed is a parameter set in the mount or in the mount driverit’s not something controlled by PHD2. We will be closed from December 22 to January 2. The handset offers Man down and No movement options with integration geolocation.

As you make selections for the various devices, you will usually us a asfom asking if the device is already connected and ready to communicate with PHD2. The Meade cable doesn’t work with the Celestron and presumably vice versa. PHD2 uses this value to automatically set the calibration step-size and to aid in checking calibration results; but the guide speed information is not important for the actual guiding. Removable Li-ion mAh battery.

Even if your mount does not have autoguide port, it may be possible to modify your handcontroller to add an ST-4 compatible autoguide port see below. We can’t stress enough the importance of using a properly wired cable.


How to Get Support

It uses the D4, D5, D6, and D7 lines of the parallel port. If your device e. This interface adapter is small and require no external power asco.

It provides software solutions for life-critical patient care environments — intensive care, perioperative, intraoperative, post-anesthesia and others. Higher guide speeds can help to clear backlash more quickly and may help to overcome stiction problems.

The best example of this is older EQ style mounts. Three-axis accelerometer, proximity, and light sensor Messaging: Otherwise, the performance numbers may not reflect your actual results and asdom baseline guiding parameters may be sub-optimal.

You can also use it as a debugging tool anytime your system is not functioning properly. This resulted in damage to the electronics in his mount, as well as damage to the interface adapter.

Guide Port Coiled Cord, 10 feet when extended Actual cable not shown, color may vary. Download AltairCapture Mac 3. This guide port interface uses optocouplers to electrically isolate the sscom from the telescope, eliminating a possible source of electrical interference. The Ascom d63 features enterprise-grade telephony with wideband audio, professional messaging, Bluetooth, on-site positioning and personal alarm all in one very capable DECT handset.

You should be able to get the unbinned pixel size from the camera spec sheet or the manufacturer’s web site. Read the help that comes with the driver. An exact reproduction of any error messages, with what was done just before the error happened.


Discuss tips and techniques to get ascpm most out of your camera. We need to know: Besides excellent telephony, their advanced messaging capabilities make them ideal for interacting with colleagues and even automated equipment.

This should be accessible from the driver setup or properties window.

Download Software & Drivers for Altair Cameras here

Discuss and share techniques Like the Official Altair Astro Facebook page for new product updates and info. Hinge-type optimized for single-layer of fabricwith exchangable color coded ID tag. If you are only trying advanced functions, such usv guiding, but haven’t tried something simple then it is a good idea to try a simple planetarium program, such as Cartes du Ciel, and see if the basic connectivity and control works.

Like the pixel-size entry, the focal length doesn’t demand a great deal of precision, but you should get as close as you can.

During this time we will ubs unable to ship orders, and will go no access to internet to answer emails, or provide technical support. You’ll need a PC or laptop computer, a webcam or other video device, autoguiding software, and some sort of interface so that the computer can talk to your telescope mount and direct it’s motion.