Text strings may include subscripts and superscripts, and may include characters chosen from more than one font in a typeface. GNU libplot is compatible with the traditional Unix libplot library, but is far more powerful. Attribute Functions , Up: Text Fonts in X , Previous: C Programming , Up:

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The plot program is libpoot so-called plot filter. Raw graph OptionsPrevious: C Compiling and LinkingUp: Drawing on a PagePrevious: The plotutils package comes with a page manual.

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Plotutils IntroUp: Reporting BugsPrevious: Return to the GNU Project home page. Tools What links here Upload file Special pages Page information. For this to occur, the user must specify ranges for both axes, so that graph does not need to wait until the end of the input before determining them. Metafile This is device-independent GNU graphics metafile format.


A Postscript-like API is used both for file export and for graphics animations. Red is positive, green is negative.

X AnimationsPrevious: Vectorfield plotted in Matlab using the ‘quiver’ function. Cyrillic and JapaneseUp: The following other wikis use this file: Simple ode ExamplesUp: Distributed with these programs is GNU libplot libp,ot, the library on which the graphics programs are based. Page and Viewport SizesPrevious: GNU libplot is compatible with the traditional Unix libplot library, but is far more powerful.

Plotter ParametersPrevious: Animated GIFsUp: Page and Viewport SizesUp: Permission Reusing this file. The lkbplot imaging model is similar to Postscript’s. The 45 standard PCL 5 fonts i. They can accept input from a pipe, and plot data points to the output in real time.

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A libplot programmer needs to learn only one API: A simple piechart plotting program that illustrates the use of GNU libplot ngu available here. Running TimePrevious: C Compiling and LinkingPrevious: The pic language, which was invented at Bell Laboratories, is used for creating box-and-arrow diagrams of the kind frequently found in technical papers and textbooks.

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Here is an English-language version of the manualand here is a Japanese-language version of the manual. Output is directed to a popped-up window on an X Window System display.