Both WinRip and WinProducer offers editing functionality as well. Pentium 4 MHz based computer: Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. So now you know the difference even better, end of topic, move on. To save some time we ran the tests with Q3Bench. Positive since it gives the end user more functionality, negative since it raises the price and might make the product less competitive in that point of view.

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UT is one of the more popular games and benchmarks at the moment. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Also, it’s clear that the improved car will be more expensive, and finally, how to tell the newer model from the older one when the trade mark and name are the same?

The card supports S-video and composite input and output via vainward included adapter cable.

Gainward Ultra FX 5600 128 MB AGP 8x Video Card

The manufacturer is none other than Gainward and we recieved their acclaimed Golden Sample version which ensures higher clock frequencies. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Last week we posted our ggeforce of the Radeon Pro.

Impressive indeed as it is even faster than the default clockspeed of the FX non-Ultra. Results in Serious Sam are a bit confused.


FSAA modes over 2x.

Not all Golden Samples support this mode though. Soltek GeForce FX MB And this is an original cooling system, and it reminds the one previously used on numerous GeForce4 ti based cards, – the same closed heatsink and air throughput.

That’s the model name of the card.

First of all, you feel deceived. Thankfully this is back on the FX Ultra.

The quality of the TV-out and any other in and outputs are compared. The card ships in the retail package.

Samsung memory chips of 3. You’ll also notice that the doesn’t require the connection of an external power plug from your f supply. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Since 4x AA was a tad bit slow on the FX this is certainly performance that we welcomne with open arms. Synthetic tests don’t give us too good an impression of Gainward’s card or of the GeForce FX non-ultra in general.

Gainward FX 5600 Ultra

DVD software is pretty much standard with all videocards since a few years back now, Gainward has been sticking with WinDVD for quite some time. It is manufactured on a nice red PCB, certainly a pretty sight for those of you with case windows. Now comes the coolers.

We had expected a bit more out of the core overclocking, especially gefoece the above mentioned second revision of NV31 is on its way. The only thing that distinguishes the box for this product compared to Gainwards FX Ultra is the stickers on the front.


The company itself is one of the oldest Taiwanese manufacturers and our readers know it quite well.

AOpen Aeolus FX MB, Soltek GeForce FX MB Video CardsReview

Not for nVidia neccesarily but for the third party manufacturers. Hynix memory chips of 2. Gforce 3 CD is an application for content creation. Probably due to the lower available memory bandwidth, the single-texturing mode is barely able to pull more than half of the card’s theoretical single-texturing fillrate.

Some of it is due to our extreme VAT, but certainly not all of it. It was clear that the MHz revision should be able to work at MHz and get faster memory so that a user can have a more efficient product at the same money.

But this time it remains highly competitive even with 4xAA. The sticker also clearly indicates that it is based on a “GeForce FX ” graphics processor.