Simply select it and browse through your card to find the desired cheat file. Unfortunately i didn’t find a solution for this one and i hope the G6 Team solves this problem quickly. To bring the cheat menu press right in the screen you are now and you can select the cheats you want to enable or disable assuming of course you already selected the correct cheat file. So if you are looking for internal storage and some nice features, the G6 DS Real is recommended; although it isn’t the best flashcard, it’s a pretty good one. You can download the latest files from G6 Flash or from linfox. All the NDS Games at least the ones i test it are working perfectly without any lag or issues. Adapters micro mini SD CF.

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If you usbb any questions or want to comment about the review, then e-mail me at maximumhashi [at] hotmail [dot ] com. What exactly is the root directory? It can hold 2 cards and it is the same as the one that goes with R4DS card. What tools I need to play backups on DS Lite?

G6DS Real Guide & FAQ

Of course not, just like all other slot-1 flashcarts. These instructions is for Windows but i guess all other popular alternative O.

Log in or Sign up. Adapters micro mini SD CF. Is it compatible with all NDS Roms? To short your answer it works but it has 2 bugs and also the soft-reset option doesn’t work. But you don’t rewl to convert the. Don’t get it me wrong here, i didn’t say that you don’t see the screen at all but at least disappears automatically. TheBlue10 Dec 26, at 2: This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real.


I sorta tilt mine so that it doesn’t go in quite straight, but rather about 1 or 2 degrees off. Run game without lag or slow down.

G6 DS Real USB Reader

Genuine dynamic chart sign contact surface and entire system function conformity May become effective immediately perfectly trades the skin function not to need to open again The movie, the music, the electricity??

Yes you can use the excellent online save converter created by Shuny i hope he doesn’t steal our saves lol Q: I do g6s a few questions, however, as I’m rather stupid when it comes to things such as this.

All current modern slot-1 flashcarts doesn’t require these things anymore. Like all other Slot-1 flash carts, it is exactly the same size of that of the Nintendo DS cartridges. More on that later. Is that simply where you’re putting all the files when you drag and drop them into the G6? May 28, New York.

So all in all, you get a nice assortment of freebies for your buck. Runs games without any lag or slow down.

The G6 DS Real Review

Note that the wrist strap and game case are identical to the ones found in the R4 and M3 Simply. I’ve heard that was customizable.


Guides are meant to be distributed.

How much it costs and where i can buy the G6DS Real? If you feel the label, you can feel the small chip sticking out but its hardly noticeable unless you look for it. In other words only the first time reall save your game you must wait longer so the G6DS Real can write the save from the capacitor to the card.

When carries on the skin subject replacement may the choice and becomes effective immediately in the G6DS Real system establishment, does not need reto start the system, the user may simultaneously install the multi- wraps skin subject plan after the computer to cut at will on the NDS main engine, moreover did not must forget, the TouchPod system all functions contact surface all was the support touches the screen operation. Tags for this Thread 1gbflashg6dsrealreviewslot1.

Like this – if you are looking at the reader from the side with the light on it and pull the G6 cart out just enough that you can get a credit card into the gap between the reader and the ‘lip’ around the indentation where the pins are on the cart. My Card- This one is for navigate your card and launch homebrew.