Fujitsu included a tether so you can attach the pen to the tablet, which I did within the first five minutes of use I lose a lot of things. The pen input functions well in every application I have used and runs smoothly on the screen. The Fujitsu LifeBook T converting into tablet mode. One button acts as an enter key, another can be used to rotate the screen; another two act as page up A and down B , but also act as shortcut keys when the final key, a function key, is held down first. Beyond the sticker issue I really like Vista.

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After about 24 hours of use the machine very rarely missed ANY words I wrote in my chicken scratch. I will ufjitsu an update with hopefully my success in getting things fixed.

In our benchmarks, it did well, scoring 71 in WorldBench 6. Otherwise, you will not be able to hear anything very well. There are two USB ports on the back and one on the left.

View our privacy policy before signing up. This is especially true for recording meetings or lectures where the main r4220 or source of sound may be far away from the unit itself. Office is great, fujistu when I learned it in high school it was on Office The screen automatically orients itself when you flip into tablet mode and the rotate buttons work like they are supposed to.


The viewing angles are great… so great it is kind of worrisome.

I see this question around many times and had asked it myself at one point: Obviously when I ran the benchmarks the fan kicked it up a notch, but it is still hardly audible. In the below results of Super Pi, where the processor is timed in calculating Pi to 2 million digits:. The graphics offered by the Fujigsu Express Chipset are more than enough to run Vista Aero smoothly, but users who want to run more graphics intensive applications or games will probably be left wanting more.

The Shock sensor utility is annoying as I stated earlier, but that is about the only quirky Fujitsu software that was factory installed. Not an issue, but something they could have included. I did this and still did not help the BSOD problem.

The features and possibilities built in the application allow users to organize and capture ideas in an efficient and interactive manner. The air being pumped out of the vent however is HOT.

The pen input functions well in fujitu application I have used and runs smoothly on the screen. In the battery test, it also performed well, lasting two hours in our DVD rundown test.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Specs – CNET

The T in tablet mode. The only software I have installed is Office Enterprise and a couple of games. I need power and lots of it. Although typing advanced mathematical and physics equations seemed like loads of fun, I would much rather write them with a tablet.

Fujitsu T4220 Laptop/Tablet BSOD help please

After using the keyboard for an extended period of time, I noticed that the palm rest on the left hand side started to creak and flex because of the pressure of my hand. However, as a tablet, it’s a little bulky and can get reasonably warm when running in high-performance mode.


Apart from its size, it’s a very nice tablet to use.

I doubt I could produce a ripple even if I stood on it. One inconvenience that pops out is the lack of a built in fire wire port; however, a PC card with fire wire input can be purchased separately if the user finds that fire wire input is a crucial component.

Fujitsu Lifebook T Review: – Notebooks – Tablets – PC World Australia

On the topic of quality regarding the built in microphone, I have to say that the recorded sound was very impressive. With this introduction, I turn to the Fujitsu T However there are a couple of things I think could have been improved.

Yes, my password is: Back view of the T with the plastic covers over the ports. If you are in a car you may notice it jostling about a tiny bit. The only other game I fuijtsu tried is Rise of Nations and it ran perfectly fine without changing any settings.