It does not show up in device manager. And do what CCT said and try copy them using the ps3. My son led me to this ubit. The only other computer I have access to is a laptop which is also running Windows vista 32bit – Same problem there. Really what I needed to carry on in the field, wirh dust, rain, bumps, etc.. Do you already have an account?

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Yes, it does have an external power supply but I have also tried using the power supply cable from the second hdd, but still get the same problem. When I attempt to open the H: Everything has worked fine since buying both hard disks, and I have been able to back-up all my data without any problems up until now. Did those drives come with an external power supply or a special double ended dongle for power?

I feecom that will be the short cut to gettting access. The only thing I have done is unplug the cables from one drive and plugged them into the other.

I cant get my Freecom external hard drive to work on my computer – Microsoft Community

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Hard-drive no longer recognised toughdrivr a bootable option Nov 11, Today was the first time it had been taken out of its packaging – still no luck.


Protect all your data against calamity, human errors and viruses Archiving: Only thing is the connector is short if attaching to the labtop directly.

Have you swapped USB connection cables also – they often fail. I’m curious as to how the external casing would suddenly cause vista to not recognise the drive? This is my first post. Yep, have tried swapping both cables and even tried using a cable I bought ages ago but never had use for. I want to avoid formatting it straight away as It contains everything I have collected over the visat 8 years, including irrecplacable photos, mp3s, divx etc.

Good for working under rough conditions, at least until now Have you tried reformatting rfeecom drive in Windows? I am able to view the files in the dos window, and there is an option to copy files.

It does not show up in device manager. Follow the instructions in the below mentioned link. It has an option to rebuild it and even to change the type from fat32 to ntfs. Wich the had a 2TB unit! I’ve tried using various other usb 2.

I cant get my Freecom external hard drive to work on my computer

I read somewhere it might have something to do with the boot table or something like that? Freecom gb external hard drive Mar 11, The hard disk makes a ‘ticking’ noise, as if it is searching for something.


You have the external power hooked up and turned on if a switch is includedthe mode switch is set for external power if equipped – my Firelites have thatyou then plug the USB cable into your comp and nothing happens and the drive doesn’t show in My Computer, Disk Manager or Device Manager. Put all the 8 years of data on DVD’s and safely store them away.

Freecom introduces the ToughDrive. Constructed with a durable soft silicone cover and featuring an internal anti-shock mechanism that insulates the hard drive, this unit is ready for battle – or your regular old work day.

Front View Show More Less. Have you tried other USB connections? Protected from inside out – you can protect your files with freceom password and the drive is tough enough to survive those daily bumps and drops Just Drop It Just drop Freecom’s ToughDrive; it survives a drop from 6.

Small and have a good grip in the hand.