The –mirror option controls the way the image is scanned. However, someone started working on this scanner and some information is available see link. Maybe similar to Photo Scanner ? Should be detected but may need some more work in the code. Is reported to use the E5 chipset.

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The –gamma-correction switch controls the scanne internal gamma correction. While an external binary-only backend exists, it works only on Linux i This scanner is not supported. Please contact me if you own such a scanner.

SANE: Supported Devices

Please consult peson manpages and the author-supplied webpages for more detailed and usually important information concerning each backend.

Obsolete, use test backend instead. Full flatbed support up to DPI Note: This is only a summary! Binary, Despeckle, Deskew, Cropping, Calibration. The function level a scanner supports is determined during the initialization of the device.

To make it clearer that a configured IO address is a parallel port the port address can be preceded by the string “PIO”. The –source option selects the scan source.


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Please contact me if you own such a device. UHB21, another type nr on the inside: Valid options are “yes” or “no”, the “yes” option will speed up the scan if this option is supported. The image areas will be halftoned, and the text will be impoved.

Not supported by SANE. To post px-a602 comment you must log in. The –auto-area-segmentation switch turns on the automatic area segmentation for monochrome scans. All resolution and mode supported, calibration is available. The long-term plan is to support all the cameras supported by the gphoto2 libraries currently over models. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

Apple Epson Printer Driver for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

On updated Ubuntu The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. See link for details. One report that it crashes the computer.

The –quick-format option lets the user select a scan area with predefined sizes. The Binary mode is black and white only, Gray will produce up to levels of gray and Color means 24 bit color mode.


Transparency adapter completely wpson. Hardware grayscale mode is not used due to poor calibration.

One bulk-in, one bulk-out and one interrupt endpoint. Backend generates binary and grayscale modes.

We appreciate the difficulties you are facing, but it would make more sense to raise problems you are having in the support tracker at https: It’s not known if it may work with epson or epkowa backend. The geometry options -l -t -x -y control the scan area: The backend needs work especially in the quantization code but it may work. Examining the information you have given us, this does not appear to be a epxon report so we are closing it.