Check the brightness and contrast settings of your computer display. To use this feature, you need to setup software. As well as this User’s Guide, we provide the following sources for obtaining information: Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: Turn on the Film Adapter. RAM and hard disk size.

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Make sure no documents or dust is on the document table when using the Automatic Document Feeder. The file is available in a few seconds as the connection speed of your internet. The dealer should always be the first call for advice on problems.

Jul 12, Epson Perfection Photo Flatbed If it does not, raise the front of the scanner and hold it up until the carriage comes to rest in the home position. As well as this User’s Guide, we provide the following sources for obtaining information: Gr as specifically explained in this User’s Guide, do not attempt to service the scanner yourself.

Drivers for Epson Perfection U/GTU

Also, make sure the image settings of your software are appropriate for the type of image you want to scan. Scanned images cannot be printed or come out garbled when printed. Version of Windows 95, 3. Be careful not to pull too hard; the paper may tear, making it more difficult to remove. Discharge static electricity by touching the metal frame of your computer before handling the interface board or any of the computer’s circuit boards.


Place the scanner close enough to 70000u computer for the interface cable to reach it easily. Posted on Nov 04, Remove the paper path guide. The transportation lock is not released, the fluorescent lamp needs to be replaced, or the scanner is broken.

If you are looking for the instruction manual: Make sure that your communications software is set to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit, ANSI terminal mode emulation, and a modem speed of up to While using your computer, do not turn off any SCSI device which has a terminator that is active on. Avoid places tt to shocks and vibrations.

Interface port or software settings are incorrect. Click “Add” to insert your video. When using the Film adapter, make sure the opening near the hinges on the document table is uncovered, or the Film Adapter is closed when scanning.

Refer to the rating plate for voltage and check that the appliance voltage corresponds 70000u the supply voltage. My IR Screen does displays nothing else. Warnings, Cautions, and Notes w c 2 Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury.


The image is too dark. The scanner is off when the P operate button is not pushed in beyond the surface of the front panel.

Epson Perfection 636U/GT-7000U Drivers

Make sure eoson unit is completely closed, otherwise an option error results and you cannot scan the document, nor attain proper colored images. A unit of measurement for resolution.

Cause What to do Brightness is unsuitable. See page 3. A byte can represent a control code or character.

If you are scanning slides or transparencies which will not fit in the film holders, place them directly on the document table.

The difference between the original and restored files is, however, almost unnoticeable. Check the label on the back of the scanner for voltage information.

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