User interface elements menus, toolbars, buttons, etc. A Unicode text field that is source of “when printed” now allows for a Unicode “Fixed List of Values” to be specified. Tharo H-Series and Standalone mode. Corrected a problem in the TSC driver where the wrong command was sent for Code 39 symbols. Multi-source text or barcode fields, barcodes created using the “EAN Wizard”. Unicode tracking reports are text files formatted as CSV comma separated variable and can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel or other applications for viewing, printing, or other data manipulation. If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1.

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This elyron for more accurate printing of timestamp values on the label. If the same form name is used on multiple computers, then the label format will be printed using the correct form.

Corrected a problem in the print queue where a printer may become “stuck” with a status of waiting or printing, and it would not process any more jobs. This loading of the second. Datamax and USB ports. Offsets can be fixed value or a reference to another field on the label that contains ektron offset value.

This has been corrected. Also fixed two problems with incremented fields. This happened when jobs were queued and de-queued to multiple printers in rapid succession mostly caused by printing xl duplexed printers. Enter one or more directory names separated by a “;” to be searched in case the file cannot be located in its original path.


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In some cases not all of the characters needed for the font were downloaded. A Datamax printer that was connected via a USB port and also had the “Bidirectional” option set to “yes” might not elrton correctly.

NET framework fails and that causes the crash. Previously, the size was calculated based on the data to be encoded. Added support for the “Time Accuracy Tolerance” command to all Zebra printers that support it.

QualSoft – Device Driver Development

This can now be used in standalone mode and is also optimized for printing when connected to a PC. An unnecessary prompt was displayed if 276 source of data was fixed, and the type of increment numeric, hex, alpha was cp always used when the source was when-printed.

NET framework version 2. The Reseller version now allows the selection of the “Start” version on the start-up selection screen. As of Version 5. When the “Log File Deletions” option was enabled, the file created may contain random garbage characters after the user ID.

Added support for “Julian Day” as a printer supported date format. A dialog box is displayed at startup that shows some of the limitations of the software when running in this mode.


If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1. On some Sato printers the command to set label width and height was not correct.

2746e Industrial Printer Support

NET framework version 1. Corrected a problem in the TSC driver where the wrong command was sent for Code 39 symbols. To correct this, compile your project using Visual Studio Added support for many new commands for cab printers, such as: Tharo H-Series and Standalone mode text fields.

User interface elements menus, toolbars, buttons, etc. When printing to a printer using a Windows printer driver, the software will try to match up the form name used for the label format. Print jobs might get stuck in the print queue with a status of “Busy” or “Printing”. When downloading eltro to a printer memory card, some field options are not supported.

Corrected a problem processing carriage-return CR or 0x0D and new-line NL or 0x0A characters in paragraph text fields.