This time, however, availability is of no concern. The D3D property settings window that lets you also setup D3D profile settings. Introduction The color blue seems to be the latest fashion with graphics cards. As you can see, the performance differences are significantly larger. Color control for the desktop.

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Windows 98 SE 4. In an effort to help gkadiac, the consumer, decide if you should go to your local computer store and buy one of these screaming fast video cards, we are going to take a look and see how the GLADIAC performs, overclocks and rates overall.

Intermediate steps are also possible.

Elsa Gladiac Gts Pro 32-64 Driver Download

Is the screen too dark? Seem like a pipe dream? Text normally isn’t very clear on television sets and this of course was the case during my testing, but once I entered Quake 3, things were just fine and the picture quality was excellent.

This option lets you enable a taskbar shortcut to all the available Leadtek property windows. All values settle between 34 to 35 fps.

There are particular operating systems known to have problems with Elsa Gladiac Gts Pro In the display characteristics the appropriate field is activated, which also reduces the resolution.


Usually the user does not need to fiddle with these settings.

Elsa Prk Gts Pro B2. Our goal in this comparison is to compare the competing products with each other and help you decide which product is best suited for you if any. The performance resembles nVidia’s reference drivers Detonator 2as Hercules didn’t use any tweaks.

Elsa Gladiac Gts Pro Driver Download Version

Now and then their products suffered from instabilities and a bad picture quality due to so-called pixel noise. About the only thing someone might want over what it offers is the ability gfs toggle things like the fast-writes option or set the AGP mode but most people won’t really care too much about those things. During our test the heat sinks on the memory chips did not turn out to be the megahertz booster overclockers had hoped for. Here you can adjust gfs, contrast and gamma, which may be changed globally or individually.

For most games you do not need to change anything. In this configuration the Prophet achieved excellent results without any visual errors, stalls or other bugs. The first company to release product based on this chipset, ELSA, surprised not only consumers but also competition as well being available as of last week beating Leadtek and AOpen to the punch.

ELSA Gladiac series Drivers for Win 2K/XP

Although there is no lag entering this window like the PA Pro. The D3D screen is essentially the same as the reference version. Therefore we explored this relationship a little further.


The one odd thing was that a software DVD player didn’t come included in the package. ELSA yladiac offering another display settings window that overrides the windows setting. Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator 2.

As you can see, the performance differences are significantly larger. The picture quality is admittedly impressive, but the frame rates are bad. At high-quality resolutions and 32 bit color depth Quake 3 becomes pretty much unplayable at the resolution. Unfortunately we soon realized that the buck stopped at MHz.

It is even possible to store a ‘scheme’.

Guillemot decided to continue the Hercules brand in November We hope that the memory industry is going to make some progress in the near future to eliminate this els. Despite the relatively high memory clock of MHz, the large video memory is not necessarily capable of meeting all the demands – and this can slow down the games.