Each shadow region is also associated with a completion interrupt that can be tied to different interrupt events. That is, set is not static. Please refer section You can view the transfer several ways: How many items to move A, B, and C counts Addresses: The transfer config describes the transfers to be executed when triggered.

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EDMA3 Keystone SoC Devices – ppt download

If you are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory. The destination address has similar devic capabilities. However, with API libraries available, why do it the hard way? When a particular DMA event En and its corresponding bit fields holds the value of “0”, then the respective events are queued on DMA event queue number 0.

For example, for bit audio data, ACNT would be 2 bytes. The EDMA3 is a powerful co-processor that can handle almost any type of transfer – either synchronous or asynchronous. For example, when channel X is complete, maybe you’d like to transfer the same thing again.

They are heavily commented and offer an outstanding starting point for people new to LLD. More detailed descriptions of each function of the EDMA3 can be found in the pdf file linked to above.


For more information, kindly refer section Its further available for download as dsvice separate component. The EDMA3 also allows for “linking” and “chaining” capabilities. If dwvice are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the company directory. Note that StarterWare is available only for subset of Sitara devices. The name region is used because shadow registers determine what memory regions can be accessed by the channel that is associated with a specific shadow register.

Export results from on-chip to off-chip afterward. ACNT specifies the number of bytes in an “element”. In general, the max. Always, a lower numbered queue has a higher dequeuing priority then a higher numbered queue.

This release was built and validated against using eema3 following components: The APIs are relatively easy to use and most are self explanatory. Yes, it is possible through ping pong buffer mechanism which would transfer 2 bytes one at a time until it reaches the full buffer capacity and then it interrupts once when it completes the buffer. This example includes synchronization, linking, and sorting.


EDMA3 LLD 01.11.03 Release Notes

Auth with social network: Set the params for the transfers. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. A basic transfer requires the source address, destination edmx3 and a count value how much to copy.

This page has been accessed 2, times. Instructions to do the same are also provided along with the package.

BCNT or any 1. Chapter 2 Memory Addressing. Each channel is associated with a set of shadow registers.

A detailed procedure is provided in the StarterWare Getting Started Wiki for building the Starterware old or applications on both Windows and Linux devices. Retrieved from ” http: Other examples include peripherals where the ingress or egress data is written into a fixed memory mapped register.

How does this transfer work inside the EDMA? The terms linkingautoinitializationand reload are used to describe the same thing.