The GRP file contains all the data sound, characters. You can’t invite this user because you have blocked him. Thanks for all the info guys, you’re awesome! Upgrade your video drivers or use the -forcegl command line parameter like the log told you to. You must have really fucked up your grahpics card driver update or something.

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There is already in-built auto-aiming on the Y-Axis. I know how to kill someone hiding in a mirror He’s refering to eduke Here is what I suggest you to do: Last edited by FirstUtterance ; Mar 20, Learn from some top world players of Duke 3D death matches.

Pay lots of attention to the sounds generated by the opponent’s events. There is not one single Duke Nukem 3D port that does everything. However, Eduke doesn’t enable polymer mode for me, saying I have an unsupported graphic driver for Ruke.



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The wheel programme that becomes installed has not been validated for this computer. No need to call the videodriver on gameexit. Originally Posted by DeeperThought As punishment, you must help all the other hapless posters who report the same problem here.

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Whats GL Driver?

Many interesting xDuke options related to netgames can be found in EDuke32 as well, such as: Weapon can now be hidden on your screen only. Toggle autoaim between Normal full and partial on bullet weapons only.

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*** Duke Nukem 3D – xDuke – A full GNU Duke3d for Windows ***

You surely enjoy netgames a lot! Stay very close to him and then hit him with the Shotgun. His doctor said ” Behave good to him, it may turn out that he is back to normal someday ” You are a real fan and you would beat anybody at 3Drealms: It gets normal again after 1 or 2 seconds: Find More Posts by Sang.


Hand-picking the best in gaming. I don’t know why, nobody does.

Thread for HRP issues on the main Duke forum http: Admin privilege required to install and updates. CAlejandro Glavic.

He started from scratch and uses a new engine on which Ken Silverman added an OpenGL support in particular for new 3D models.