When Playback zoom is enabled, all four arrows scroll around within the enlarged view, while pressing the center button returns to the normal, 1x display. English Select a language English Spanish. Been using this model 15 years I am a homr inspector. A very nice job overall. The DSC-P’s shape and compact size rank it among the smaller Sony Cyber-shots on the market, perfect for travel and leisurely outings. And no, it wasn’t lens flare, nor was it a focusing issue. If on, the light automatically illuminates in dark shooting conditions.

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Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it. Internet Explorer Download the latest version. The telephoto end fared much better, with only 0.

An Image Resolution button calls up a list of the available resolution settings, removing this item dwc the main menu system for easier access.

Although the camera does not have a manual focus option, it does offer a range of fixed focus settings, from 0. The four arrows of the Five-way arrow pad are used to scroll through menu options, while the button in the center sdc the pad functions as the OK button to confirm selections.

The illuminator shines for only a few seconds and automatically switches off when focus is locked-in. Test Images See my test images and detailed analysis here.

The P performed very well on the “laboratory” resolution test chart. Half-pressing the shutter button causes the camera to display the shutter speed and aperture setting it has chosen for the current lighting conditions. With its small size and well-rounded feature set, the Sony P is a good and unusually capable subcompact point-and-shoot digicam. Most relevant reviews See all 13 reviews. The four arrow buttons also serve as external controls when the camera’s menus are turned off, or they can be used to scroll through captured images in Playback mode.


When Playback zoom is enabled, all four arrows scroll around within the enlarged view, while pressing the center button returns to the normal, 1x display. Trending Price New. Adjusts the overall color balance of the image, to suit the light source.

Built-in flash with five modes and an intensity adjustment. Indoors though, it had a little trouble with household incandescent lighting, leaving more of the warmth of the lighting in its final images than I personally prefer.

Playback-Mode Display In playback mode, the default image display shows the most recently captured image, with a modest information overlay present. Optical distortion on the P is about average at the wide-angle end, where I measured approximately xsc.

The camera displays an error beginning with E: A tight optical viewfinder, but accurate LCD monitor.

Digital Cameras – Sony CyberShot DSC-P Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Multi Burst shots are played back as a slow-motion animation on the camera, but appear as a single large dxc with 16 sub-images in it when viewed on a computer. Adjusts the camera’s light sensitivity. High speed shutter mode biases the exposure sytem toward higher shutter speeds to freeze action with fast-moving subjects.

This might sound a little precarious, but in practice, I found that the camera felt fairly secure in my hand, with my thumb on the back, my index finger on top, and my middle finger wrapped around the front of the body.


To get the full experience on Sony. Very good exposure accuracy. This is all very good, but I found that the 1p00 lost subject detail in areas of subtle contrast, due to somewhat over-aggressive anti-noise processing.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 5.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

Indicated on the Mode dial with a green camera icon, this mode puts the camera in control over the exposure and everything except Macro, Image Size and Quality, Zoom, Flash, and the Self-Timer. Resolution and quality choices are xor x pixels. I always find it difficult to judge size from numeric measurements, finding it much easier to get a sense of scale from objects of known size, like the Memory Stick in the photo above. The Zoom control in the top right corner of the back panel adjusts both optical and digital zoom when activated through the Setup menu.

Sony Cybershot DSC-P Digital Camera DSCP B&H Photo Video

Even shots taken in the ideal bright setting still appeared out of focus. Bottom Line A very complete camera in a small package. Moving targets in low-lit areas came out far too dark to be of any practical use.