Tapered to increase compression. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The driver has the striking force inside the unit that allows for force to be directed upward as well as downward. The summary of performance standards shown here, Figure 3 are based on tests confirmed by testing of major utilities. Specifically, they do not have the splines that provide additional surface contact, their taper is not as long, and they are not capable of meeting much variation in rod diameter causing a possible fit problem. Retaining this configuration not only eliminates the cost of boring out the end into a vertical surface but precludes any outward peening of the end of the grounding rod during the driving.

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Tell us what you need so that we may help solve your problem. This special tapered design has two advantages: It is a good connection; it is priced competitive or less expensive when considering the time element; it is fast and easy. Driving shaft 15 had an overall length of 24 inches with recesses 16 and 17 each of 3 inch depth, the shaft having an groknd diameter of 1 inch.

Customers include automotive, trucking, plumbing, as well grouns electrical. No cracked or loose connection.

Electrical grounding rod driving device – E & J Demark, Inc.

Originally, the coupler was made of copper- plated steel. Hammers 11 and 12 have resepctive bores 13 and The ground rod can then be driven to the desired depth and a suitable griund attached to the rod.

The summary of performance standards shown here, Figure 3 are based on tests confirmed by testing of major utilities. They are available for all types of ground wire and ground rod combinations.


We have three driving tools that can handle the job. One that deserves mention is used in Northern Florida. The drive bit will not damage rod tips while driving ground rods. This leaves about 7 feet of the grounding rod plus the length of the present invention extending above ground, well within the reach of the average operator.

As you can see from the cross sectional view of the DeMARK coupler Figure 1there are two primary features — the taper and the splines.

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An electrical grounding rod driving device comprising an elongated cylinder having a hammer secured within each end portion and encompassing a ground rod receiving and driving shaft having a single anvil affixed to one end thereof within said cylinder and having opposing striking surfaces for selective engagement by the striking face of either hammer, the driving shaft having a recess in each end for selective engagement of one end of said rod, and means to lock said cylinder and said shaft in non-operable position.

The threadless coupler has proven to be a better method of splicing ground rods than the traditional “threaded” couplers.

Search Expert Search Quick Search. History has shown that the speed of driving ground rods increases with the use of Drive Points.

The TG allows for easy and safe driving of a temporary ground rod and also easy removal of the rod. Be sure to check out all the training.

This connector had been approved only after testing by driving a coupled rod through hard and rocky soil. Bore 13 receives grounding rod driving shaft 15 in sliding relationship.


Hammers 11 and 12 had an overall length of 4 inches each, extending 3 inches beyond the respective ends of cylinder 10, each with an outside diameter of 2 fround. They do not require any special tools or rods. If you wish to download it, please dejark it to your friends in any social system. Detroit Edison established as their roe objectives in a review of all grounding connector concepts: They are available for all sizes and types of ground rods and for all kinds of impact drivers, breakers, and other such ground rod driving equipment.

The National Electrical Code has hround that grounding rods shall be 8 feet in length, generally of solid stock and shall be driven into the ground so that the top of the rod is about 12 inches below ground level.

Because of the more stringent requirements in establishment of a station ground mat, substation ground rods must be driven deeper, requiring end-to-end coupling.

Byhowever, this connector had become unavailable.

The disadvantages of these alternatives are noted in Figure 2. This site was designed with the.

Various methods of coupling were tested and exothermically welded joints were chosen because of the quality of the joints and their permanent conductivity. Founded in the early ‘s, DeMARK has taken to market products that grund grounding and the installation of electrical grounds.