I ran gstreamer-properties and ran the output test, and the test pattern looks fine. Does anyone know why my x64 version of ubuntu 9. Should be up to 8. My mousewheel up and down usually scrolls text in an app, but sometimes it zooms the whole desktop in and out. I know festival is. Excuse me please, but what part of “dangerous” did you not understand? I’ve got an aging server setup and it had a fit on me today.

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I use sudo, wondered how to do su. I’ve updated the drivers, but it looks like my d102gyc2 isn’t being recognized and so the only display option I have available is x If I were to update, would I ad repositories as ppa. As you can see, this is a large channel.

smmb I don’t know if it affect just my model or every dual-core. I’m not on wireless, I’ve limited the max connections to 60 and only 5 upload slots, do those look okay?

If this is helpful To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a!


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It clearly states pressing F12 allows you to select startup device! Links with more info: I think if you SSH in and run that, it would open up totem for the person sitting on the computer.

PetePaul that error you are getting after choosing the new item?

Gutsy upgrade to Hardy, stall in locale generation. Sistk, it’s not really an option for us, either Apparently it worked well with 8.


Answers are not always available. Leemp, please remember that Enter is not considered punctuation. Have a question about screen, not sure if this is the place to ask, I want to run a program in a screen window without an extra layer of bash.

Hi, I am about to remove some bans this will cause some scrolling. What am I doing wrong?

He is using MSN on windows To install Flash see https: Ok, I see there is a “copy” option there I’ve just installed Ubuntu, and when I boot it goes to busybox and won’t progress past there. Flannel, plz tell me you’re still here, total disaster, now will not boot after the alt cd install, i’m on live cd session again. Any idea if they lag behind in their own drivers? But BizAgi is a program only for windows that need Net Framework.


How should i do?

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RanyAlbeg, usually backups or temporary files automatically created by applications like text editors, etc. You can just install too, but it will start a live session first, and then run ubiquity-gtk the graphical installer. When I try to put gnome voice appellet, I get an error http: For multimedia issues, this page has dd102ggc2 information: Normaly you don’t need to configure anything, so almost everything is commented out, but if not, i was suspecting that it was the problem.

Astana, then you extend the windows partitionits all slider stuff man, easy for babies too these days. I am lost now.