The path to the driver will then be displayed. Well, dmesg lists out a bunch of info for a tuner and it also includes actual info on how to do trial and error tuning assigning different tuner numbers until you find something in case the eeprom on a tuner is missing. However, I did not find a driver yet. I have an saa card so thought i could pitch in. I did get this info from a pdf on the creatix site. If not, try connecting the the setup screens you can choose to load drivers.. Does it get the card ‘up’?

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An icon will appear in the systray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen indicating that the driver is loaded. Well thanks for all your work and help. There is no tv tuner card which comes with official support polymesia linux.

Modem – Creatix Polymedia GmbH – Creatix V.9X DSP Data Fax Modem Computer Driver Updates

Download drivers Modems Creatix ambient technoligies creatix v90 HaM. And also depending on hardware available for testing. Neceisto driver ambient creatix v.

However, I did not find a driver yet. Firstly I did install the linux firmware nonfree yesterday, I did check again in the package manager and the checkbox is green. Contrary to what rajeev stated, it currently is not a kernel module, and therefore there is no bug to report.


Ambient creatix v 90 ham data fax voice modem driver – File size: Polymedix tried searching the web on the 2 pci ids creagix showed Phillips as Philips Semiconductors Device [ Crdatix in the CD with the driver when Windows 9x asks for it and follow the instructions on the screen Be sure you are looking at the correct card. Download Official Ambient drivers: Ambient creatix v 90 ham data fax voice modem driver – Sa piling mo malayang pilipino mp3 download. Since I’ve exhausted everything I know to look at, I’m dropping out now.

A piece of hardware not working on linux is a bug and pklymedia report can be filed. Please don’t post all in blue, it hurt my eyes trying to make it all the way through your post. Ambient ham data fax voice modem.

I also have an Ambient Crwatix V. You may want to try searching the net as well with 16be: Select “Include this location in the search,” then Browse to place on your hard drive where the new driver was downloaded.


Click on Download Now and a File Download box will appear. After your computer has restarted, the Found New Hardware Wizard will launch. I’ll try checking the net crextix. Thanks for that, I was optimistic, but it through up and update for a graphics card but otherwise no luck. J’ai le meme pb que toi, si tu trouve le driver peut tu m’indiquer.

Creatix Creatix Polymedia GmbH driver Modems software versions

I have an saa card so thought i could pitch in. Vendeur Award Software International, Inc. Final plea for any TV experts – I got this reply from Creatix support I am sorry but we don’t offer linux drivers.

Ill leave the thread to you guys. Perdi Drive da placa fax modem da conexao discada!. In kev’s case filing a bug will greatly enhance his chances of getting it supported in the next kernels. I have been trying to set up mythtv under ubuntu