Hopefully this will help a lot of you having the issue regarding “no supported hardware” error when trying to install the Creative package with EAX. According to Creative’s OpenAL 1. Retrieved January 20, Double-click the downloaded file. You really can install the Creative bundle to self-installed Win7 ultimate in such proposed way so you can use Creative Volume Panel and some surround effects. Ok im abit confused here. It also installs the following applications to control your audio device’s audio settings:.

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When I put my own HDD inside laptop and installed bit Windows 7, EAX software from asus site from G60Jx section is unable to be installed because installer can’t find any compatible hardware. Requirements Creative MediaSource version 1.

Connect your device to your computer. I tried a system restore, still did not find any creative programs exept volume panel which will not load. Click the OK button to close the window. For more details, read the rest of this web release note. Double-click the Sound, video and game controllers option.

OEM – Software Solutions – Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED MB

Hopefully this will help a lot of you having the issue regarding “no supported hardware” error when trying to install the Creative package with EAX. By using this site, you agree avanced the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The original EAX was quite primitive, only offering 26 presets and 3 parameters for more accurate adjustment of the listener parameters and 1 parameter for the sources. Where the problem is?


From the the Confirm Device Uninstall dialog box, select the Delete the driver software for this device option. Same problem with me. These games support EAX 4.

This advise seems to work at first glance but in fact it doesn’t at all. Only 1 problem remaining: From experience of administrating computers and fixing computer problems I know that the preinstalled system is the worst system for the laptop that can be.

Environmental Audio Extensions – Wikipedia

So Windows 7 creahive finally pissed me off and I installed normal Windows XP that works noticeably faster and eats less system resources. This check box must be selected to avoid reinstallation issues.

To uninstall the driver, do the following: Unless that page is old the G60jx doesnt support EAX 4. But such installation doesn’t allow you to launch Creative alchemy – the program that in some extent enables the 3D-sound in games not as much as you can have through Direct Sound 3D in Win XP.


Speakers can be configured in Control Panel only. Thats were i saw this: Also, 44.0 should download the Realtek Audio drivers from our support site rather than getting them directly from Realtek.

Environmental Audio Extensions

So, before installing the Creative Audigy drivers you want to make sure that you properly installed the Realtek Audio drivers. Sorry I dont mean advqnced threadjack here.

Mere advertisement and nothing more. Retrieved January 20, To install this package: You need factory restore disks. So the first what people in our country do after purchasing a laptop is total wipe-out of all the hard drive and clean installation of another operating system they want to install there in most cases it’s Windows XP.

If so, we have a different problem on our hands. Retrieved from ” https: The overclock prophile which is made in Win7 remains untouched creatige XP qdvanced the switching to battery mode, so you need to boot to Win7 for several minutes in order to overclock again.