Place your sheet of paper printed-side-up, upside down, placing the paper to fit into the top alignment marks especially the righthand one. The carrier sheet is sticky, so that the paper will adhere to it. This program is also intended to allow you to make your own cutting patterns, but in this case, all I needed to do was click the Output Settings button the one with the wrench in the icon. At the top right should be a big button reading “Show the operation guide” – click it, this is the guide for newbies, and opens up a new area at the bottom of the panel. When the software is installed, you connect the machine to the computer using the USB cable.

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Cutting onto the patented cutting mat allows you to die cut shapes out of many different materials.

Global Best UK Products. If that goes well, the software will then ask if you want to proceed to cut.

Cutting Plotter Machines (Craft ROBO CC300/330)

Alternately, check cc300 printer settings: This program is also intended to allow you to make your own cutting patterns, but in roob case, all I needed to do was click the Output Settings button the one with the wrench in the icon. Then you press the Enter button on the machine, and it cranks the sheet forward. New Carrier sheets with a grid – the latest carrier sheets come with a grid on, making it easier to use up your scraps of card.

Now you take the carrier sheet with paper stuck on it and place it into the machine. With a little imagination you can come up with some superb designs like this fantastic birthday cratt for the kids. Then you specify if the cutting pattern is landscape or portrait portrait is the default.


Cratt machine comes with a Quick Application Guidedesigned to get a newbie started through three consecutive exercises: This may cause the paper to have a slight curl.

The left edge of the carrier sheet should align with the rightmost alignment mark on the machine. First, you peel off the cover which is pre-scored into three pieces, I suppose to cgaft it easier to find an edge to start peeling from. However, I didn’t want to do any of those things and I didn’t have any vinyl!

CraftROBO : Software & Drivers

To try out my new machine, Mel Ebbles of Ebbles Miniatures was kind enough to provide me with his Modular Hills paper model. I used the regular sheet for my cardstock project. First, select your media – for cardstock, it seems that “Card without Craft Paper Backing” is the right choice.

The next step is to make sure the “Search Registration Marks” box is checked on your software. I eventually found the problem: If you are a scrapbookerthrow all of your dies away. But of course, if you have a good imagination just think what you could achieve. Furthermore, this needs to be a clean environment, or you’ll get dust and hair on the sticky part of the carrier sheet – placing the xc300 on the dusty floor is not a good idea!

The cutting is relatively quiet until the machine does a fold line, which instead of a solid cut, gets a perforated line and the machine makes a sound like a sewing machine. And then I got the prompt from Microsoft, warning that the driver had not been tested or approved by them. Next, if you haven’t done so already, is time to put the blade in the machine.


In the next sub-step, you insert the CD into your computer and begin installing software. You’ll probably just need craf remove the sheet, shift it right or left, and insert it again – but don’t shift it so far that both white wheels can’t grab it. The latest ROBO Master software which comes Free with your machine offers numerous design tools to aid your creativity. To keep the paper steady during cutting, and to protect the cutting surface of the machine, you attach the paper you want to cut to a carrier sheet before inserting it into the machine.

Why stop there, christmas cards, easter cards gift cards wedding invitations, the list is endless. So I puzzled through the manual for some time After you press cut, the machine zooms the carrier sheet back and forth several times for no apparent reason, then begins the roboo operation.

I hate links to places that require me to sign up just to see such a post. Please note that this machine does not have an optical eye, therefore is not capable of cutting around printed out images.