If required, PayPen II also captures passages of text from newspapers, books or documents directly into your computer in around 29 different languages. View your card charges, cash withdrawals, spending, and the current card balance of your Credit Suisse Prepaid card or Travel Cash card. ShakeHands Kontor Freeware is the basic module for managing addresses, open items and cash books, and for simple bookkeeping. Dec 6, 8: This El Captian wake-from-sleep probably happens semi-regularly for most users.

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All payment data account, amount, reference number is transferred directly to your online banking or vlx payment software. I took it in to the Apple store, but they told me maac wipe everything and reinstall the OS and that didn’t work. Not that it will generalize to me necessarily, I’ve got a mid I’m running Sierra Given the content of the thread, the problem being discussed here is most certainly not hardware, since it coincides with the upgrade to El Capitan.

This should be a simple problem for Apple. Aug 28, 2: This never happened until I upgraded to Sierra.

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If you have any questions please contact your relationship manager, or make an appointment for a consultation at one of our branches. Now, I have had it take a mzc to wake from sleep–sometimes sec–but it’s rare when it does happen. Nicolas Junod Nicolas Junod.


Simple and secure payment transactions. Communicate Safely with SecureMail We are firmly committed to protecting your data.

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I also have major problems with the new Safari v. Inconnu [Aide] Les extensions de Safari: Has anyone upgraded to Sierra? Electronic bills are replacing conventional, paper-based invoicing. After reading your post, I turned TM off and have not had this very annoying issue anymore.

I have no Time Machine or anything connected to my MBP nor I have any extentions, but the problem of wake up freeze is on except when the book cover is closed.

Mmac the Credit Suisse Direct app and log in. You can use the CLX.

The PayPen can scan in both directions, so it is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. Private customers Contact and support E-finance and login Software and hardware for e-finance Software and hardware for e-finance. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: Slip scanners You can use the slip scanner to read the code line on inpayment slips easily and conveniently.


I reboot the Mac and don’t see the issue again for weeks, possibly months so I’m less inclined to believe it’s hardware or a specific macOS issue.

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flx The practical desk dock keeps it out of the way and available whenever you need it. Choose how you want to be notified in the Credit Suisse Direct app. I think it is caused by the latest service pack of OSX. There are a number of payment software and hardware options for private customers that make it very simple to enter and process data for electronic payment transactions in e-finance.

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It is also easy to scan barcodes. With SecureMail, you can send and receive your confidential banking information using a secure communications channel.

Our intuitive navigation quickly takes you where you want to go. PostFinance works closely with specially selected partners. Posted on Oct 6, 6: