Its cheap plastic and is very flimsy. I would not recommend it for someone who needs to adjust the monitor position, e. Meh, it looks ok but i will pass. Big enough difference to warrent upgrading? This is a CPU matter. The monitor is a pure awesomeness.

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After hearing Norm talk about it on the podcast, I’m definitely thinking about getting one of these now, and using my current Asus p monitor as a secondary display. I ended up going with the safer route. Probability of dead pixels is also very very small.

YAMAKASI Catleap LED 27″ x LG IPS Dvi-d PC Monitor | eBay

This thing is pretty much a lottery since few people gets perfect panels while few others will get a single dead pixel or some backlight bleeding around the edges and stuff. Yeah its much better than my 24″ Asus once. No image showed up on the monitor. Sending it back to Korea if anything goes wrong would most likely be pricey. LOL You would claim credit for his choice when you didn’t even know about the monitor in the first place.

Review: Catleap Q270 LED + Ergotron MX Arm

Shipping was amazingly fast. Shortest delivery EVER days from Korea to Austria, including customscxtleap in price Gamer-friendly — no 27incher out there has really such low response time and such low input lag I think someone measured about 10ms was it?


I’ve catlepa wanting one ever since he first mentioned it in our internal office discussions, if only i had the cash!! I’ve never used an LCD for a long period of time before.

I only have my iPhone to take pictures so I apologize for the poor quality Before After The tinting on the top and on the right are from Rainmeter, ccatleap color distortion. I may be a novice, but this seems to be creating quite a buzz, leaving me thinking that this is a too good to be true scenario.

There is definitely some risks you take in ordering one of these as you can get dead pixels or back light bleeding. Quote message in reply?

The FPS drop because you have much more resolution, and this is the problem. How come this Catleap can do such huge rez? I’m looking to build a new PC when the s are released.

Catleap Q monitor seemingly dead – Ars Technica OpenForum

Wow, that was a fast answer! Example Its helped a lot with working on papers for school and such so I don’t have to constantly switching between windows. Fired it up and my monitor is dead no more! A lot of ppl were reporting dust getting stuck between the montor and the panel itself. Glad to hear yours turned out well too.


Happened bout times since I bought it. Wed Dec 04, 7: If none of those categories currently interest you, keep enjoying the Catleap: Its cheap plastic and is very flimsy. So I just got everything up and running. The multi version with HDMI has crazy input lag. WolfOfOne 6 years ago.

It must have been a hell lot of work! I asked dream-seller about my dead pixel I though it was black but it seems to be able to show the color blue and about the small amount of dust in my tempered glass Shimian and this is what he said: Bruin Follow Forum Posts: Providing a back-link or the URL of the content you wish to catlea; and 2.