You’re the first who don’t understand it: Everyone says you have install sata driver before installing winxp because winxp will not detect sata HDD before driver installation. Jan 13 , Thanks for replying though. Remember the three frogs that hopped to become BN friendly independent? This message can not be sent because the recipient does not have permission to use the personal messenger or their personal messenger inbox is full.

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Means you need to check the box if you still don’t get it. Oct 17, Compaq Presario Notebook. No problem cp far. Then it might be your disc problem. Friday, August 19, Pornview. It’s been twelve weeks, add minus a day or two since I’ve moved in.

Audio driver for Compaq C772 TU

In-Depth review of the CanoScan F scanner digital film and photo scanner, with actual sample images. And there was one time that I though they have finally finalized on a design when it got majority vote, only to have it cast back into the redesign,voting endless cycle when someone says ‘hey, landscape mode looks better then portrait’.


But for better battery management, better hardware optimization, win7 is the only way to go, for now. May 7 So can this method solve my problem? This should be the audio driver for your machine the XP driver at least. Friday, July 1, Finally Unifi-ed. Try re-run the setup if you haven’t do that and reinstall your XP.

جميع تعريفات Presario cCompaq Presario C لويندوز XP

Wednesday, November 23, Aging Ungracefully. He also gave very sound reasoning and how the blunder can easily be overcome if the government has taken a more lenient approach.

This driver is used for “F6 Stage” http: Please try slipstreaming your XP Setup disc with SP3 and try the setup again before attempting anything below as SP3 setup seems to work fine for most people. Those who are having problems earlier are those to slipstreamed the CD with something that have already been slipstreamed before Personally I couldn’t be bothered with the preinstalled software like cyberlink power dvd, mcafee and software by dell. Post or PM me the laptop model here and i’ll find for you and do the updating here.


Apr 3 Called Unifi technician directly. Acer Aspire – ftp: Confused here, please help.

Added on January 21, Sep 2 Select disc and browse the I folder you copied out from the disc earlier. Apr 13 Yes, i did mentioned that in the first page.

Besides BIOS, check any side button on the laptop and feature function. That’s 12 months service with an earlier 2 months kepoh-ing their monthly meeting.

So tension to fix it. I think you missed out some of the parts though Can you tell me how to solve the problem so I can format my laptop easily. And d714tu a roach infestation inside the car.