So, it looks like leaving one core lightly loaded, at least under Linux 3. The architecture is intriguing and has potential. Then we will discuss the principle of operation and the introduction of RCM. Given the canning of 45nm Bulldozers, it seems like there were problems spotted years ago, and corrective action, including delays, taken. I was just installing simple apt-get applications and it all just keeps freezing. If you can return it and get your money back, I think you should.

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Log in Don’t have an account? January 11, at 7: But as I wrote in Sierra magazine at the time.

Or any possible fixes? December 1, at My GTX is running at stock clocks. For the first time in far too long, AMD is actually being very forthcoming about its future plans. January 11, Now, what is happening here? Also, as most overclockers will be able to tell you: The interrupt handling can get messed up at times.

Joined Sep 4, Messages 0. Remember “two is better than one”, time will come when computers will recognize that 1 is not 2, more sensible. What is the fastest chip I can get at a reasonable cost within a reasonable TDP limit. I was thinking of going the same way with the new computer larger 3rd generation SSDbut now with the new Intel chipset and motherboards capable of caching piledriveg a small SSD, that enters into the equation of deciding between Intel and AMD.


A great solution would be to have mouse-over change the ordering so everyone can pick whats best for them.

AMD Piledriver to Boost Performance by 10%, Feature New Instruction Set | TechPowerUp

April 6, at 1: Hopefully just a race condition that can be fixed with by inserting a couple of idle microcode cycles during interrupt system hand off synchronization, with no real performance degradation. And lets to finally get so desired overclocking. November 6, at 6: July 15, Some other things like Phys-X physics computations also run on the GPU of Nvidia cards and maybe a few other things in very, very new games may also use some of the available GPU power but if that is the case this is barely staring to appear on the scene now.

Latest News Latest Videos. As a result, the performance was severely compromised.

This bug is re-godddamn-dickulous. Only the lucky few who survived the game would be digitized and sent to the virtual realm inside the box, never to return.


Unbuffered ECC memory piledrive also supported for those who desire the buyy security, once again a feature not supported on Intel’s consumer grade 6-series chipsets. No, sorry but that statement is absolutely incorrect. I think they can not patch microcode — this part of CPU has not microcode controller at all.

Bulldozer doesn’t have just a single problem – SemiAccurate

Piledriver you already know about, it’s at the heart of Trinity, which is the 2—4 core APU due out in bulldzoer Cause The specified processor is not processing interrupts.

Reduced overall power consumption can be utilized to boost clock frequency within a given TDP limit. I think part of the blame is also with Asus software, but I think there are definitely some hardware issues.

However I heard about, then downloaded and ran Orochi-CEG, and it now runs the steam games fine with no issues.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. That didnt last long. Is that just an unpopular code or a task sheduler comunication mishap?