Also make sure your power supply has plenty of current on the 5Vsb line, at least 1A, 2A would be preferred Customize The Tech Report May 16, Posts: Feb 27, Posts: The earliest time at which that the network interface may send another packet. The network interface will limit the rate at which it sends packets to remain below this bandwidth. Attribute used to send a packet to the network device.

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The frame that is currently about to be sent or received. Customize The Tech Report Analog Devices’ ADB codec. Feb 8, Posts: Used for transmit bandwidth limitation. Although the K8T chipset can also be found in enthusiast- and consumer-oriented Athlon 64 platforms, the AMD series chipset used by both Tyan boards is rarely found outside the server and workstation worlds. Note that you must always provide room for the CRC field, even when this attribute is set to 1.

The bge driver also allows you to configure the advertised capabilities to bcm5703d than the maximum where the full speed of the interface is not requiredor to force a specific mode of operation, irrespective of the link partner’s advertised capabilities.

Alternatively, you can set the capabilities advertised by the bge device using ndd 1M. Recorder object that allows recording and later playback of network traffic to the interface. Set to 1 to fake the firmware load. Minimum SDU is 0. The device will drop the current packet if the attribute is set to Nil, or with data of zero length. The PPA ID is interpreted as an unsigned integer data type and indicates the corresponding device instance unit number.


If set to N it means that with a probability of 1 out of N a package will be lost not sent to the receiver.

Notes, Tips & Tricks: Solaris

See gld 7D for more details on the primitives supported by the driver. The Ethernet link that the network device is connected to. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Server words it differently but it sounds like WOL to me.

Dual Opteron workstation motherboards compared – The Tech Report – Page 5

Neutronbeam Zak, you know braodcom can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing The transmit bandwidth of the network interface in bits per second. Attribute used to send a packet to the network device. Tue Jun 21, 2: For example, to prevent the device ‘bge2’ from advertising gigabit bcm570c3, enter as super-user:. The earliest time at which that the network interface may send another packet. Writing this attribute at any time injects a new packet into the device without involving the network simulation.


Register info for all registered configuration registers. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. The 64 PCI configuration registers, each 32 bits in size. VIA’s VT south bridge.

Tue Jun 21, 4: Where are you sending the magic packet from, relative to the server? The highest common denominator supported by both link partners is automatically selected, yielding the greatest available throughput, while requiring no manual configuration.

On a more serio Have you tried going into the server’s BIOS setup and verifying that the WOL feature is enabled, and configured to turn the system on when the magic packet is received??

The seed value for the randomization nroadcom packet loss. Single page Print The chips behind the boards Now that we’ve covered board layouts, it’s time to dig a little deeper and look at some differences between the chips and chipsets behind each board.