We have no way of knowing which class of mail Blue Jay used to ship your phone, Kristine. Why does Blue Jay Wireless ask for credit card information just to sign up for lifeline services? Always creating new a ideas, and willing to listen to staff. This is an independent website with zero affiliation with Blue Jay or any other Lifeline company. Great opportunity to grow with the young company. Which free government cell phones offer special devices for the hearing, vision and speech-impaired?

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Call the company or contact them on their website. If you live in one of those states, Blue Jay may be the Lifeline Assistance company for you. I believe this vluejay great idea, because allot of people can not afford a cell phone, I do think you need to make the website a little easier to understand though.

How do you know if you getting a phone or not if you already applied for one. They would also have incentives and competitions for numbers, which made it fun.


So whatever they have at the moment is what you get. How can I recertify if all lines and website have been down since December ………. Started off to be an excellent job getting in on a growing company wirelses after new CFO and HR company has declined dramatically!

According to their website, there are no physical store in Hawaii. Read our answer to this FAQ: Lost cell phone 3months ago do not know how to get a new one. Always creating new a ideas, and willing to listen to staff. How to get one? Apply to Blue Jay Wireless.

Blue Jay Wireless Free Government Cell Phones

I definitely recommend this service. And which ones offer the worst? Their contact information is above.

After opening the package. And there is an application for Texas on their site: If I need help this phone would not do much good.

This is the best workplace to get blurjay done. Pls email me with a contact number so I can reconnect. Was this review helpful? Excellent opportunity to be of service.

All the contact info is on this page. Leadership does not take into consideration any alternative views. Limited work, good company to work for. Or some other reason that you are aware of?



Good work environment, good management and training programs. Hi, I applied and submitted the documents requested but have not heard anything back. Check the following link to find a complete list of free government cell phone providers in your state:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Blue Jay Wireless Free Lifeline Cell Phones

Contact Blue Jay customer service wlreless the contact info found in this article. So do they really service Texas? You should have enrolled with the new company, which would have completed all the paperwork necessary to cancel your contract with the original Lifeline company. Tell him that he should contact the Access customer service team.

Could you tell me what cell towers you use.