The result is quite good, if I say so myself. Any other frustrated BCD owners out there willing to chip in to fund work on this? When it was released about two years ago it was rumored that MacOS X drivers would be released by the end of A more detailed guide to setting this up will be posted sometime later this week. You will be assimilated.

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Please read our Privacy Policy. Thanks for the Replay. That they had both an obvious demand and a 2 year head start and were behriner beaten to OSX compatibility by a hacker with hex dumps is a pretty apt reflection on their pathetic attitude to customer support.

Thanks, Steve I haven’t used them, although they seem to work allright.

Mac alternative to a Behringer BCA – forum Audio Interface – Audiofanzine

mwc The BCD has been somewhat of a contradiction for me since purchase. On one hand the hardware is fantastic; robust and seriously cheap. To bad ,because the rest is pretty well designed and sounds well. Heard some issues with compatibility from friends, however.


Behringer BCA, looks awesome!

Computer Setup and System Configuration. I remember that while using ADAT interface you get only 4 inputs behringr 48khz and no inputs with 96khz Works fine, drivers are good and all the knobs and buttons are still behringfr place so I guess the build should be decent.

Only thing about this thing – no phantom power so in case recording vocals with condenser microphone that you propably should use should be done with external phantom or battery powered mic if allows. I have been using Tascam US for over three years and the thing is excellent.

Because what is making me not buy the mobile interfaces from m-audio is the fact that they’re not full duplex at 96khz For now, this will have to do. Is there any mobile with few channels, like bca and duo that is full duplex at that sample rate?

July 31, It works, which is more than I expected. Thanks for the input.

Jaymis Loveday – January 12, Tried compatibility mode and still no dice. The result is quite good, if I say so myself. My MusicCalc is temporary offline. Dan Lavry “Shaw baa laa raaw, sidle’ yaa doot in dee splaa”. Read times steve-keys Newbie Offline Posts: Tried that, still no results.



Aaron Hatch wrote on Thu, 18 November But it installs everything else. Thanks in advance, Guys Gromko.

BCA2000 Anyone got it working?

When it was released about two years ago it was rumored that MacOS X drivers would be released by the end of Another thing is that I wish this was with motorized faders msc can’t have it all with so cheap price.

Behringer BCA, looks awesome! You will be assimilated. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.