Alarm Built-in alarm to remind you whenever you need. Over 24 hours Additional Information: The Axesstel L phone comes with a fast charging battery that allows a standby time of 72 hours and talk time that lasts up to 3 hours. A choice of exciting wallpapers. Send Group Messages to all your friends and family on special occasions. Specially made for TATa users. Assign a specific ring tone to each name.

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Data Mobility Data transfer using microSD card and remote service Maximum 4 different information of the measurement can be saved onto the azw. Maintenance Manager Variety of Verification Calibration check is costly and time consuming which cause downtime in plant process measurement. Large Phonebook Stores up to contacts. Hotline Program your phone to automatically dial a specified number when you pick up the receiver without having to dial.

Press and hold the number of the location to display the name and phone number, which then dials automatically. Fast Charging Battery Gives o830 upto 4 hours of talk-time and a standby time of up-to hours with the new fast charging, long life, lithium-ion battery.

ADMAG AXW | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Tune Alarm to FM tune Wake xxw every morning to your favorite programme on your preferred FM station instead of an irritating alarm. Send Group Messages to all your friends and family on special occasions. Forget the worry of finding a suitable space to keep your Telular C.


Backlit Display and Keypad Backlit Display to view messages even axq the dark. The call-waiting feature of the Walky prepaid alerts you of a second incoming call whilst you are still in conversation on the first call. Missed calls Shows you missed calls with timestamps. Now you can wake up to a beautiful tune of your choice. Please enter your name. Backlit Keypad as well.

Large Phonebook Store up to contact. Simplified Selection Selection Tool From selecting the best unit to choosing the functionality required, it is all done in a matter of a few clicks. Magmeter for a KP Continuous Digester. Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India.

The all-new Axesstel L phone allows you the ease to dial a number without lifting the receiver! Receive Verified supplier details.

Don’t get carried away talking on and on over the phone and then worry about a hefty bill later. The data logging function provides a total process analysis by showing the record of the measured data. Its amazing Wall mounting features enables you to place it almost wherever you want.


Now, keep all your phone numbers intact and safe in the phone book feature of the Axesstel L that comes enabled with a memory that allows you to store numbers and that too with upto 99 entries.

Connectivity options through Serial Port.

The Alarm feature of the Tellular Adw lets you pick an alarm ring tone of your choice. High Speed Internet So that you can connect to the Internet at speeds as high as Kbps through serial port.

ADMAG AXW Magnetic Flowmeters

Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery 4. Polyphonic Ring Tones A choice of 12 tones from 15 melodies to choose from. Stop thinking about that messy phone book with missing and torn pages. Dust free laminated keypad. Classic WP Get Price. Also distinctive ringtones that can be assigned to specific numbers. Enter Your Email ID.