Brian Login to Like this post. When I ran the compatibility mode, I ran in Windows 7, which is what I had. Rhizobium are a group of Gram-negative soil bacteria that are well known for their symbiotic relationship with various leguminous soybeans, alfalfa etc. I am at least 16 years of age. WW Login to Like this post. When considering making a purchase therefore, it is important that users have an understanding of its strengths and limitations depending on the intended purpose of use.

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Having never used the camera mode, just started pushing buttons and the stamp I was using for the test showed up on my moniter.

Login to Like this post www. WW Login to Like this post. Will work on Windows 7 and XP.

Stamporama Discussions: AVEN zipScope Digital Microscope Not Working in Windows 10

When you want to run the program, you click on the icon in the task bar. When considering making a purchase, it is worth zipsco;e that the Aven ZipScope is not a superior microscope for viewing single cells.

You can also check online with the manufacturer, or call them up to see if they have a new driver for Windows The microscope also has in place a zipscoep intensity control of 8 LEDs.

So I did and it worked!!

Will get back to everyone on the results. The only other choices I had were back from Windows 7 or Windows 8. By the way, the company says they also have a program for the Mac which is a free download. Dec 12, 18 A large, manual focus wheel adjusts focus in a 10 to mm range. Unistalled the software, which wasn’t working in the first place and reinstalled it. Really no difference as far as value, but at least we know it has zupscope die number.


Edited to remove classified ad information. I am at least 16 years of age.

The manufacturer told me that avenn Aven zipScope will not work on Windows 10 and that they are not sure if a driver will ever be developed. When I looked at this I think you were looking in the “almost right” place.

As such, it can be used for quality control inspection, medical and scientific research as well as in such fields as geology and chemistry among others.

Tardigrades are arthropod-like micrometazoans with four pairs of legs lobopods particularly known for their ability to survive in various extreme conditions. This is of great significance in that it eliminates shadows during lighting, which enhances the viewing experience, allowing for clear images. The Aven ZipScope also comes with optical magnification of 10X to 50X as well as digital magnification of X.

I have just purchased a Carson digital microscope it runs fine on windows AVEN zipScope Digital Microscope Not Working in Windows 10 Mel, so that the discussion on your exploits with the microscope can continue, I moved your thread to a different topic, and deleted the advert portion from it.


Nice and big, but could not use any of the zipScope features except focus. Now the bad news. Hope my “slightly younger eyes” are a help.

Aven 26700-300 ZipScope 2m USB Digital Microscope White LED – 10x-200x W/ Stand

The metallic stand has a ziscope base, which provides stability during use by keeping the microscope in place. A snapshot trigger captures images, and the microscope outputs images or video to a PC. Then, instead of saving it to the desktop, save it in the task bar. If purchased for this reason, it will definitely disappoint. This thread has been moved zjpscope the classified ads section per the OP’s request so that the discussion regarding getting the device to work in Windows 10 may continue.

Aven ZipScope USB Digital Microscope – Lightweight and handy!

The words were added by me through the program. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. It is for this reason that the microscope allows for a large working distance.