Iris Pro Graphics P I came across this Intel page that references Radeon HD M Crossfire. I then had to dismiss the warning that this was a bad idea, because Windows couldn’t verify that the driver was correct. The only issue is that if I try to enable Desktop Effects on Ubuntu, I end up with blank white screens for new windows for example, opening up a terminal just opens up a white box.

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Join our community today! I can’t figure out how to configure X. Radeon R7 Cores Kaveri Desktop.

Drivers for Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon Mobility 7500]

Let me clarify this step. No such problem with aforementioned driver. GeForce Go Ultra. You can select more than one device. For instance, gnome-terminal was all white.

Once that is done go into device manager and click on the Standard VGA adapter and right click radeoj update the driver software. Does anybody know why Desktop Effects are disabled when using the recommended xorg. I have a Windows 7 key on the bottom of my ThinkPad T The bug also exists in the exact same form on the latest LiveCD.


Mobility Radeon HD Crossfire. My system is flying, and 3d effects are fantasic. Jonathan Comment 35 Alex Deucher Iris Pro Graphics P I tried reducing the screen resolution and didn’t help, also m77 the computer. There were several identical choices for “Radeon Mobility ” on the dropdown, I just selected one at random.

I’m running out of ideas The major trade-off is a reduced default depth of Comment 23 Omar Servin Then I tried everything, even rebooting, but even then I saw no change.

Are you both running the same version of the X server?

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This step seems to be necessary in order to force Windows to recognize the hardware as a Radeon rather than a generic VGA. January 26th, 1. I also checked the source code I compiled and saw that the patch has indeed been applied to my source tree. Comment 14 Andreas Neiser My card has only 16 MiB of VRAM, so the probable explanation there is that compiz can’t handle the textures at that color depth. Do you still get any messages from compiz, e. This can be fixed by changing the DefaultDepth to 24, but then I go back to my original problem of slow performance.


The exact symptoms remain. Originally Posted by Mark Phelps. A Blessed Christmas to one and all. Is there any other way? While using 24bit, everything runs fine, but performance is really slow: