Overall the R2H has an excellent array of ports for its size. Wireless was decent but reception was not as good as what I get from my regular laptop that has an Intel wireless card. Shogmaster Aug 13, Asus definitely aimed high by making this device more feature loaded than other UMPC devices. It is very precise and if you tap it with your finger, which will resemble a left click. Solid Security Management for Protected Computing To give business travelers peace of mind, the R2H offers total data protection that meets the evolving security needs with both software and hardware solutions. This was accomplished having the screen brightness set to level 3 brightness low , but the screen was still quite viewable indoors at this setting.

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The system unit is a landscape-format slate-style tablet measuring The sleeve in which the R2H is protected is very sleek, even the Velcro won’t scratch, it is a unique design. I was watching a movie called The Omen and the sound was very low even though Windows media player is at maxed and the volume setting is at maxed. It also allows you to browse the hard drive of the R2 from your PC. I know not everyone would require everything but for those of us who do it makes it a lot easier and cheaper in the long run.

Asus included an For the most accurate reading, the electronic imaging mechanism scans fingerprint pattern from the live layer of the skinbypassing any common asuw surface conditions. This is the most up to date chipset you can get and supposedly offers fast fix times, high sensitivity for locking satellites t2h urban areas and a low power drain on battery life.


Products may not be available in all markets. Finally, on the lower left side is a button that brings up an application called Program Launcher that allows you to vba navigate to various important program categories such as GPS and communications — this Program Launcher application is customizable by the user as asis what program links it contains.

The Super Pi benchmark test of forcing the processor to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy gives a good indication of how slow the Celeron M chugs along. Indeed, it is an excellent bundle. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 8. aaus

ASUS R2H Ultra Mobile PC

The idea is that you hold the R2H in both hands and tap the keys with your thumbs. To the right of the screen, at the top, there’s a thumb-driven mini-joystick with a push-to-select function.

After opening the main box, you get two more boxes and an instruction book view asux image.

On the front side of the R2H you can see the 1. The camera is a nice feature in which you can do video conferencing, asux the quality is not great at all, don’t expect to use this for professional work.


The major challenge being the limited 7″ screen size and its resolution of x Yes, there is a limit of 18 graphics. Users can choose to setup multi-factor authentication requirements for different security levels while enjoying the Single Sign On SSO one-time login convenience without compromising security integrity.

Thanks, This review is completed by Akhil Parujanwala at www. PCMark05 was an agonizing 17 minute wait, while the R2H achieved marks.


I’m not sure if Barry would change the amount though However, if saus intend to do a lot of typing then some features will take a little getting used to. Ultimately, the R2H empowers users to go anywhere, do anything!

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All specifications are subject to change without notice. Having said that, Asus included a bunch of software utilities that run in the background, aggravating and stealing resources from an already power starved processor. The integrated GPS works in conjunction with this program to locate where you are and also provide directions to a destination. The build is rock solid, the case is a very rigid and firm metallic material. It weighs g, which is not far off the lightest ultraportable notebooks — although, of course, notebooks include the weight of a built-in keyboard.

Satellite GPS provides a comprehensive travel guide that the users no longer need to deal with paper maps or ask for directions! Also there’s only one speaker, and it run in mono, at this price I would like to have two speakers running in stereo.

The program work nicely too you can put passwords by using your fingerprint. When running HDTune it even warned me my hard drive was at a critical temperature of 59C, so things can certainly get warm inside.

A notch above expectation.