Thu Mar 15, Most likely with poor updating. I have a IDE dvd drive too, so maybe installing from that is better, and install the sata dvd drive after install? It said it was about to update or similar. Is this how it should be? Apparently, I’m living proof here, with a machine that won’t do the update until it does. However I can’t get a screenshot as the program only displays 1 update now despite me not choosing to update yet.

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However I can’t get a screenshot as the program only displays 1 update now despite me not choosing to update yet.

Manual is located here: I just did updates twice in the last couple of days. Today, my machine has suddenly decided that it will wake up from sleep, but it will prompt me for the logon password.

I have a 3TB drive D: Try updating the drive firmware do it in another machine. XP does not support Trim.

I’m getting conflicting info while searching, some say use the just the AHCI driver, but say if I hook up a sata dvd-rw drive it won’t work. You are right – your screenshot of the Disk Management is nearly unreadable.


Invoke a Safe Mode boot with the command: This site uses cookies. Why don’t you just grab all actually installed drivers with a tool like DriverMax and then search for the latest drivers, which are supporting exactly the same DeviceID? Could Intel make a driver that lousy as to prevent wakeup from sleep?

Have you installed upto date drivers too? Nov 16, Posts: Waking from sleep was working better last night too.

AHCI on asus p5q pro – – An Overclocking Community

Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: I’m making more drive images, and then I’ll try it. Mon Mar 12, I was on a 17Gb partition and it sucked cause I could not update windows 7 anymore, now 25Gb which I pq was overkill. Anyone know a way I can force that latest update? The RX is still doing most of the hard work.

Run Command Prompt as Admin 2. Mon Mar 19, 4: Its currently installed but WU says it failed and there was much lag when installing it. The machine now would not come out of sleep mode.


Your browser is out of date.

Feb 9, Posts: Jan 8, Posts: It feels more peppy subjectively when AHCI mode is running. Sun Feb 01, 6: I guess it depends on which chips I have on the P5Q deluxe and what functions they perform which determines which drivers I need.

With the machine on, and out of sleep 12 hours a day 7 days a week, I think it had ample time to do that. Yep, did that many times. I’m pretty happy with how Lightroom and Final Cut are performing, I just want to make sure I’ve set the hardware up correctly. It claims to have found corrupt files it could not repair but when I followed Option 3 from Quit screwing around and take Paladin’s advice above.