Retrieved from ” https: All settings are set to maximum that is why the test is very tough for many video cards. Introduced in , it is the successor to the GeForce EliteMT produces memory chips with 4. Kepler GeForce The GeForce 2 family comprised a number of models: Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units.

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This functionality is also present in GeForce but was unpublicized.

Taking into consideration the traditionally high quality of similar cards from ASUSTeK, this card can be a very good choice for an average gamer who doesn’t aim at high resolutions in games. At that time the card made a stunning impression not only by the fact that Leadtek disobeyed the head and asks the GPU, but also by a performance increase, especially in the overclocked mode. Please varify multi-display support in the graphics card before purchasing.

The GPU chip is furnished with a roundish cooler that has a very efficient fan. Features such as per-pixel bump mapping can be utilized to a more dramatic visual effect. Quake3 Arena demo The tests were carried out in two modes: BioShock Infinite and Metro: Of course, such frequencies can be achieved only due to the fast memory and the chipset which works at higher frequencies than a traditional GeForce2 MX.

Allows the user to adjust color controls digitally to compensate for the lighting conditions of their workspace, in order to achieve accurate, bright colors in all conditions. Besides, the card is equipped with the SmartDoctor support – a status monitoring technology on the rear panel there is a thermo control chip, and the cooler has a tachometer.


The overclocking has helped this card exactly at bit color which made the XX32 resolution playable in all games and some games work perfectly even at XX Anyway, the vendor has already announced the startup of shipping of these cards.

GeForce 2 series

The most significant change for 3D acceleration is the addition of a second texture mapping unit to each of the four pixel pipelines. EliteMT produces memory chips with 4.

Complex scenes are now rich with detail. But anyway, the overclocking is impressing.

That is why such overclocking can positively influence the performance in 3D. As you can see, geforcce2 heavy load has brought to naught all the advantages in frequency of our card, and all the GeForce2 MX cards have performed equally except the MX with its shortened bus. Besides, the installation of Samsung chips makes the overclocking potential similar to the traditional cards the maximum of MHz for memory. In our 3Digest you can find a full comparison of specifications of this and other classes cards.

GeForce 2 series – Wikipedia

Besides, before accusing your card of all problems check whether your monitor corresponds to the requirements you establish for your video card performance. However, the GeForce2 MX cards weren’t intended for tough games at high resolutions. Some manufacturers have supported these recommendations, and some have released cards on the GeForce2 MX with old MHz memory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The GeForce 2 also formally introduces the NSR Nvidia Shading Rasterizera primitive type of programmable pixel pipeline that is somewhat similar to later pixel shaders.


Retrieved April 22, S-Video and RCA, which makes the card more attractive.

nVidia GeForce2 MX400 (AGP 4x, 32MB)

Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units. Financial analysts can have a second monitor specifically for tracking each data stream, while graphic artists can use an entire screen for palettes and another for editing.

Here I should remind you the following case. With a simple control panel, you select and control the color settings of your display’s entire visual output. Conclusion As you can see, the company is striving for making their products more kx400 without much increase in price. Introduced init is the successor to the GeForce GeForce 2 4 MX. Retrieved June 14, Retrieved from ” https: